Tried and tested: How to use a salt bath to counter negative energy
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Some people are manhid. You can tell. They text without emotion. They don’t really say thank you. They don’t really open up. They don’t really react.
Unfortunately, I am an empath. I am very sensitive. I get hurt. I react. I cry at TV commercials. I can’t say no to people asking for help and I give until it hurts. I am also sensitive to spirits.

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In my last entry, I wrote about the salt bath I took upon the recommendation of my friend Edison, who investigates paranormal activities.
I took the salt bath on Friday night while my boys were at Balesin. My friend Rem and her daughter slept over to keep me company.
Early morning I felt stomach pain. I dragged myself to the bathroom and had the strangest smelly yellow liquid—so smelly I had to light scented candle (sorry, TMI).
Yesterday I ran to the bathroom seven times. But the bad smell diminished with every dump (sorry).
I had a headache and felt feverish, though the thermometer said only 36 degrees.


Thank God for good friends.
I dragged myself to dinner in Makati. I went home, took an Advil PM and went to bed. But I fell asleep only at 6 AM.
I woke up when my boys arrived from Balesin and showered me with kisses. I had lunch, and I realized the headache and diarrhea were gone.
I called Edison to ask him about my reaction to the salt bath.
He said, the yellow smelly diarrhea was the negative energy coming out. He couldn’t believe I waited that long to take the salt bath.
As for him, Edison takes salt baths regularly—after visiting a job site (read: haunted house), cemetery, wake, hospital, or church—anywhere where people have suffered, cried, and left negative energy.
I feel so much better today and cannot wait for the Presidential debate at 6 PM.

If you think you have attracted negative energy, you can take a bath in salt, just ordinary salt mixed in bath water, and pour over your head if you don’t have a bathtub.

P.S. My friend Patrice told me psychic Jinky Amores said ghosts don’t like to be photographed so you have to ask permission to the unseen when photographing old houses, creepy scenarios, etc. I did not know this. I even photographed the fetuses at the Legarda mansion. I did not ask permission and I am sorry.

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