Tried and tested: Delta vs. Japan Airlines
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Dreams do come true—for some of us, later in life.
It’s been my dream to go Japan as often as I can and as easy as flying to Hong Kong. Luckily I got my three-year multiple-entry visa after the Japanese government relaxed its visa rules for Filipinos.
When I was younger I studied Nihongo for two years and wanted to marry Japanese because I find them adorable. But my dad said, better not. He was right. 🙂
This year my husband and decided to take our family vacation in Tokyo and travel for the first time without a yaya. I must say it was quite a success.
As the official travel agent of my family, I chose Delta Airlines because of our pleasant experience last time. Prior to this we usually flew Japan Airlines until I rediscovered Delta through an online sale.

Here’s why I prefer Delta:
Delta seats are better. I find Japan Airlines seats not as comfortable. This is a normal business class seat on JAL

Japan Airlines

while Delta has cabin-like seats (like Cathay Pacific Business Class) which recline and lie flat.
Jeroen and I can hold hands when I’m scared

Jeroen on Delta

Each seat comes with a bottle of Evian (a huge comfort for me), a fluffy pillow, and a thin, quilted comforter
It has a very convenient outlet, so you can charge your gadgets before you land. (Can’t leave without my Samsung Galaxy Note 3!)


The flight attendants are so warm. There’s nothing like Delta flight attendants. The Americans have a great sense of humour and the Filipinos feel like family.

Delta flight attendants

Here’s a shoutout to fellow Assumptionista Fara Campos Lacson (middle) who was a commercial model back in the day

On the other hand, Japan Airlines serves food I like

Japan Airlines food

and allocates three pieces of luggage per passenger, versus Delta’s two pieces for business class.
So if food and shopping are your priority, fly JAL. But if comfort is more important to you, fly Delta.
Looking forward to my Japan visit, but next time I’m going to try Haneda Airport, instead of Narita.

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