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My Lola Paying always served good food. It’s a good thing we used to eat at her house only once a week, otherwise I’d be a blimp.
At Lola’s house I ate crabs which I cracked with my bare teeth (I know right) and developed a taste for bone marrow.
They didn’t call it “bulalo” in my lola’s house; they called it “utak”, which means “brain.” (I know, gross.)
But Lola’s bone marrow was served in a beef sinigang soup which is to die for!!
When my Lola was too old to host lunches, I was glad my mom picked up the recipe, which she continues to serve for Sunday lunch.
Lola’s cooking was so good, she told me National Artist Fernando Amorsolo would eat at her house and give her paintings in exchange.

Lola Paying and I
Lola and I in her home on Data Street. She was an angel.

Now skip this if you’re vegetarian. I am helpless because it is close to midnight and I’m thinking of bone marrow. I’m trying to convince my friend Jude to serve bone marrow in his restaurant.
Bear with me as I go through people’s photos of bone marrow dishes around the world.

Antonio’s, Tagaytay

Beef Bone Marrow

Lolita at Tremont, Ohio

Bone Marrow - Lolita - Tremont, Ohio

Wayfare Tavern Bone Marrow with grilled sourdough, roasted brussels sprouts, sea salt, smoked olive oil

Wayfare Tavern: Bone Marrow

They used to serve this at Bon Apetit, Rustan’s. Sadly, no more

bone marrow pasta platter

OK, it’s past midnight and I have to stop looking at food pics as my next meal will be 12 hours from now.
I just tortured myself.

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