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How did you spend the long holiday>
While some “people” were busy trolling on Twitter and blaming others for their miserable existence, I was taking in the coolness of Tokyo with my friend Jujiin.

Jujiin in Tokyo

Photographer and filmmaker Jujiin visits Tokyo often to stay with his mom who works in the city.
It’s been a dream of mine to hang out with Jujiin in Tokyo but it has never happened, until last week.
We met up in front of the Mitsukoshi department store in Ginza, then joined my mom, sister, and SIL for lunch at a nearby shabu-shabu place.


After lunch, Jujiin and I went to the new Dover Street Market in Ginza.

Dover Street Market Ginza

We started at the top floor where Rose Bakery is. My first impression was: bawal ang baduy dito!
Everybody was so chic.


I bought my favorite shortbread cookies

Rose Bakery cookies

From there we worked our way down to the 6th floor, where this afam told us not to take pictures. Hmmp. I was just admiring the wallpaper…

Dover Street Market Ginza

The 5th floor is where Jujiin and I spent the longest time, and where I did the most damage to my wallet


Next I dragged him to Hakuhinkan Toy Park, which is one of my must-stops in Ginza.
I was really shy to bring him there, so I shopped as fast as I could.


The following day we met up again at Comme des Garçons Aoyama and spent the day walking around the area, all the way to Harajuku.
After buying Belly Button shoes for my sister Ana, Jujiin was stopped by this guy, whom I first thought was soliciting. My eyes popped out when he showed us a cover of the world-famous FRUITS magazine of Tokyo.

Fruits magazine

He was in fact asking to photograph Jujiin who was wearing a strange outfit.
I immediately knew what to do. I grabbed Jujiin’s shopping bags (containing Ana’s shoes), stepped back and watched.

Jujiin being photographed for Street magazine

Here’s the photographer, Fujita-san


It was the highlight of our day. I hope it comes out!
I can’t tell you how much fun we had, so little time. There’s never enough time to see Tokyo.
Maybe Jujiin’s video will give you an idea, and Twitter hater can only wish he had the means to experience this.

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