Tokyo is always a good idea
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Despite all the bad things that happened to me in 2014, looking back I realised something really wonderful also happened—I went to Japan three times this year.
First, in March with my hubby (at Grand Hyatt Roppongi Hills)

Jeroen and I at Grand Hyatt Tokyo

Sae (L) and Sayoko in Asakusa

Hiko at Womb
owl tokyo

108 ichimaruhachi
108 ichimaruhachi

Nui Hostel
NUI Hostel bar and lounge
Nui bar & lounge
Nui bar & lounge

In May, we were back again for Marky’s birthday and Mother’s Day


Our family’s favourite

Expensive robatayaki in Roppongi Hills
Coke at Robata

Donald Muneaki
Donald Muneaki

Mother’s Day cards
Mother's Day for me

Holding hands in the plane
Markus and Jeroen

And once again in November for our 14th anniversary honeymoon

Steak place

The best scallops
Steak place

Wagyu steak with garlic chips
Steak place

Taku’s dog
Taku's house

La Kagu La Kagu
La Kagu

Galali, Aoyama
Galali, Aoyama

Best steak
Galali, Aoyama
Galali, Aoyama

Happy hour on the way back to our hotel
Under the train station

I’ll never get tired of this. Can’t wait to go back in April.
Tokyo, my happy place.

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