Tokyo, here I come
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I was looking for a decent dual-time watch for the longest time. I’ll admit to owning one Philip Stein watch which is so not me, but was the only thing available in Manila. That’s why I’m really glad Jeremy Scott created the Double Vision Swatch—so Hitchcock, so me!!
Jeremy Scott Swatch
He’s so crazy!

Jeremy Scott x Swatch

Jeroen got it for me at Swatch Rockwell today—supposedly the last piece.
I know they are going, going fast, so I’m happy I got one. This is my prize after being sick.
I’m off to Tokyo next month, so I’m excited not to have a gurangler watch on my wrist 🙂


Still on the same collection, Tita Virgie Ramos of Swatch Philippines recently sent me Jeremy Scott’s Melted Minutes, which is one the most beautiful Swatches I own. This is so up my alley, with the clear face and strap.


I love this


Here’s the complete Jeremy Scott x Swatch 2nd collection.
I believe the photos do no justice to the actual pieces, so find them at a Swatch store near you.

Jeremy Scott x SwatchJeremy Scott x SwatchJeremy Scott x SwatchJeremy Scott x SwatchJeremy Scott x Swatch

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