To discover that one’s crush isn’t cute
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Thanks to Google, I found out my high school crush isn’t my type at all 🙁
When I was a teenager I fell in love with the voice of Yutaka Yokokura. His voice gave me the warm fuzzies while I hugged my pillow, and I imagined he was the cutest Japanese guy on the planet.
If you are somewhere my age, you would know this song.

Bit of trivia: I listen to Crossover FM when I’m in the bathroom because I hate showering in silence.
I hate silence when I’m alone because it leaves me with crazy thoughts, I end up talking to myself.
I love Crossover because it brings me back to the ’70s and ’80s—the good old days.
So Love Light goes on the radio while I’m not yet in the shower. I grab my BlackBerry and Google him.
In my mind, he’s supposed to look like this:


In reality, he looks like this—Afraidy Aguilar!


Di ko na-gets! Is he supposed to be Brapanese?


Mood: shattered 🙁

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