Throwback 2004: Cholo, Chico and Delamar
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I just started going through my past blog entries to see how much my writing has changed.
When I started blogging in 2001, blogs were fairly new and not everyone had Internet.
As Internet became more accessible, all sorts of trolls and unhappy people came out started to attack people that seemed to have a good life online. That changed the way I wrote and blogged, plus the many sponsors that saw bloggers as a marketing tool/partner.
Starting today I’ll be resurrection past blog entries from my Livejournal, sort of like the throwback on Instagram, beginning with this post on July 19, 2004.

Cholo, Chico and Delamar

I wish I were like Martha Stewart who could survive on two hours sleep per day, or even five or eight hours.
I’ve always needed like 10-12. Otherwise I’m like a zombie.

I’ve been having sleep problems since my son got sick.
A couple of nights ago I woke up shivering at two in the morning. I was filled with terror. I wanted to go check my son’s room, but I stopped myself. I asked Jeroen to hug me. He was sleeping of course, but he squeezed me tightly.
The following morning I found out my son vomited at two in the morning and the yayas and the maid had to change sheets and stuff.

The following evening, I kept vigil in his room. I couldn’t sleep. He vomited at 2:30 in the morning, then I cleaned him up and transferred him to our room so the yaya could rest.
He wanted to watch cartoons, so we did that up to 5:30 am and I was so sleepy. He fell asleep in my arms and it was so sweet. I love him.
When he woke up at 6:30, he was so sick, I jumped up and took him to the doctor by 8.
He almost got confined in the hospital, but a miracle saved him from the IV, and he is OK now.

Bruised Ben

Last night I couldn’t sleep again.
At 4:30 I opened my laptop and searched for something to read, and I found the funniest LJ of Cholo. I hope he won’t mind my mentioning it.
He is the funniest guy, and the thing is, I sort of know him.
I was introduced to him more than ten years ago, but never had a conversation with him.
I don’t know a thing about him, except that he had an ex-boyfriend that I knew.
He writes so well. I finished his LJ at 6:30 am, found out what his job is and the funny things he does.
I love his Malate escapades. I love reading about gay stuff. It’s a world I hear about and am part of, but never experienced really.
I have never been to BED. I doubt that I’ll ever go. I don’t even go to Gay Pride.
But I love gay men, they amuse me so. I can’t imagine a life without gay men, how boring would this place be.

Excerpt from Cholo’s blog:
Cholo is met by the Lady Colin
Lady Colin: Oh djaaaahling. I’m a bit occupied right now. Let me get back to you in a bit. I just have to brief the emceeeeees of the show…Chico and Delamar. (Colin points out the two emceeeeees.)
Cholo turns to look and sees a couple who really look like theyre going to Unimart.
Cholo: (thought voice) Who the hell are Chico and Delamar?
Cut to:
Sequence 4. EXT. onstage in the streets. way after midnight.
The Unimart couple start off a raffle sponsored by blah..blah..blah
Chico: And the first winner will win an assortment of products from balah..blah..blah…and a gift certificate from FAIRMART!
A thick gasp is heard in the crowd! To mention the name of a department store long banished by the gay community was unspeakable!
A parlorista in the crowd: FAIRMART!?..ay anu ba yun!?
A gay German in the crowd: Heavens!
Delamar was quick to check the cue card of Chico and rushes to correct the grave error.
Delamar: Oh sorry guys…hihihi…it’s a gift certificate pala from FIRMA!
Cholo: (thought voice) Who the hell are Chico and Delamar?

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