Three months later: a new dining set
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Last July 2014, after we finished renovating our kitchen, our next task was to update the dining set. This was where we left off:

Living room

Seven years ago I wanted to have a dining set similar to Spiral at Sofitel

I want this kind of dining set up in our house

I wanted to sit on a couch while eating at home. So we created this setup at home—two dining sets that we could join together if we wanted to.

Big Ass Fan at home

But after seven years, Jeroen really wanted a long table and the kids didn’t like the mismatched furniture.
So we looked at my Pinterest album and settled on this peg by Timms Bach/Herbst Architects

Timms Bach / Herbst Architects

Through the help of our friend Cedric, we were able to order 10 Eames molded chairs from Herman Miller in the US. While waiting for those, we ordered the table from Triboa Bay Living in Makati, with measurements approved by Herman Miller.

Two months later, Cedric shipped the chairs from Los Angeles to his mom in Makati. Because I didn’t want to impose on her space (and kindness), I asked the help of Safehouse Storage to take the chairs and keep them for us while waiting for the table to be finished.
From Makati, the chairs were taken to this warehouse in Taguig

safehouse storage

Safehouse has several storage sizes for your needs. I chose a small unit to store the chairs.

safehouse storage

And here they stayed for two weeks

safehouse storage

Finally, yesterday morning, the table was delivered and assembled at home.

new table

In the afternoon, Safehouse delivered the chairs in perfect condition

safehouse storage
Eames chair

Check out our new dining set and living room

living room
living room

Next on the agenda: change the pendant lamps!
Can’t wait to have guests over.
Couldn’t have done this without the help of Cedric Cid, his mom, and the folks at Safehouse Storage.

safehouse storage

To know more about their services, click HERE.

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