The Why and the moving on
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Sometime last December or January, I was asked if I were willing to be interviewed for an article Jenna Sauers was writing about someone I used to know.
It was during the holidays and I couldn’t be bothered to go on Skype and put it together. Truthfully I just wanted him—the problem to go away—sort of like Bernie Madoff or the Birkin scammer who has fled to Texas.

When Jenna’s article came out in the New York Observer, I was disappointed that her article lacked many important facts, and I regretted the missed opportunity to say something.
So when fate brought me to Bangkok last April and I met Paolo Reyes of Rogue magazine, he talked about a profile they were doing on a certain blogger I used to know. He asked if I were willing to go on the record and help them put the story together. And with that I said yes. No more missed opportunity.

Now that the magazine is out, his friends/fans/supporters are asking why now? Why can’t I just move on?
How to move on when this creature and his sidekick continue to attack me online (parinig on Twitter) or anonymously in forums.
I am tired when people just assume I am jealous of him and his achievements.
I am baffled when I see that someone so evil can be acclaimed even by the same people he has tried to ruin on his evil blogs.
I am baffled with the short memory and that people don’t seem to mind that he got where he is by ruining lives—and by accumulating numerous credit card accounts.

To be jealous would be to assume that I want his life of traveling around the world, siting in the front row of fashion shows, being photographed and featured in magazines, going to all kinds of events, and spending like money grows on trees.
Fashion used to fascinate me when I was younger. But when I became a mom, my life changed, my goals changed. Even my weight changed.
My close friends will all tell you I would rather stay home in my sweats and with my boys.


The past two days have been crazy ever since the magazine was released in print and on
I had a three-hour lunch yesterday with Fr. Allen of Calaruega, who gave me spiritual guidance and I am grateful for the friends and their moms who are praying for me through this difficult time, because to talk about the past is to relive the the nightmare and the firsthand experience of knowing what this evil person is capable of.

So yes I will move on. I can now move on because I have said my piece. And if people still choose to worship him, then we probably can’t be friends because our values are different and your motives will always baffle me.

P.S. Before Rogue went to publish, it was read through by their lawyers while I have my own lawyers on backup.
I am very sorry if there were other people I mentioned as a matter of storytelling. I have no ill feelings or any intention to confront or hurt any of them. I wasn’t able to see the final draft as I had to leave for New York with my mom.
You are victims too and you know who you are. I hope we can still be friendly.

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