The Suffering: What I gave up for Lent
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This Lent I decided to give up four things that are difficult for me: Coke, cake, cookies, and ice cream.
In the beginning the list also included chocolate, but I need to have some sugar, so I’ve had a little bit of chocolate since Ash Wednesday.
Cake and cookies are the easiest to give up. Ice cream is hard but bearable. But not having Coke is hell.
I’ve tried to Google why one can skip fasting on Saturday or Sunday, but someone pointed out that Jesus fasted for 40 days and 40 nights—why can’t I give up those things that aren’t good for me any way?

No to Coke

Since giving up Coke, I haven’t been enjoying eating as much. I try to compensate with orange juice and the thought of banana-Q for dessert, but food doesn’t taste as good without Coke.
Let me tell you it is a suffering. As I type this my mouth feels parched no matter how much ice water I drink. My teeth hurt!
I am almost delirious thinking of Coke and Chippy—that salty sweet and cruchy combination.
I can’t tell you how many times I have thought of throwing in the towel, but the suffering will end on April 5, Easter Sunday, when I can finally feel the ice-cold Coke down my throat. That’s 25 days from now.

A few years ago I gave up shopping for Lent, except for necessities. I used to think giving up shopping was harder than giving up Coke. Now I know better.
So far I have lost only 1 lb. so the fasting isn’t really a diet plan. If I could lose 5 lbs. then I would think about giving up these things for good.
And you, did you give up anything for Lent? How are you coping?

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