The search for Chicken Kiev
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There were two places we used to enjoy Chicken Kiev: at Club Filipino in Greenhills and Café Adriatico in Malate.
When my dad gave up his membership at Club Filipino, I had to drag people to Café Adriatico on Remedios Circle just so I could satisfy a craving.
Chicken Kiev is a Russian dish made of breaded chicken breast stuffed with herbed butter. This was Café Adriatico’s.

Chicken ala Kiev

I never got to take a picture of it after cutting it in half, when the butter would ooze into a swimming pool on the plate because I would instantly dig in. I don’t want to know how many calories it had.
Sadly, on a recent trip to Café Adriatico, I found out Chicken Kiev was no longer on the menu and saw no point in going back to that place.
Last Christmas, my brother and his wife gifted us with a Philips Airfryer (and this is not a press release okay).
Philips AirFryer_4
I had seen this appliance before in Singapore and paid no attention. But my husband, being a chef, used it right away. At first he cooked bacon for the boys. It turned out nice and crispy, with all the bacon oil separated at the bottom of the pan.
Soon they were airfrying everything in the house—from schubligs to chicken nuggets.
I tried to airfry sapsap (fish) but it looked pretty disgusting. Some things still need to be fried in oil.
So last week I remembered having seen all kinds of frozen food at Marks & Spencer. I decided to give Chicken Kiev a try.


Bought one and took it home to Chef Jeroen, who thawed it a little in the microwave before popping it inside the airfryer.


No oil was ever added. He set the timer, and 8-10 minutes later, voila!


Ate this with a side of Jeroen’s homemade Caesar salad (the best! sorry, it’s not for sale)


Not bad at all. Not as deadly as Café Adriatico’s but not bad at all. You should try!


My sister-in-law bought the Philips Airfryer in Singapore but says they have it in Rustan’s department store.
To know more about the product, click HERE.

P.S. If you know of a place that serves good Chicken Kiev, please leave a comment below.

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