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The breakup of 2012 Miss Universe 1st runner-up Janine Tugonon and her ex, Jaypee Santos, has piqued my interest because it is the stuff some nightmares are made of.

Janine and Jaypee

Imagine that you love eating tapa and have only heard of wagyu beef. And one day good fortune happens to you. You meet the owner of a steak house, who wants to serve you wagyu. You find out that wagyu melts in your mouth while tapa has to be chewed until your jaw breaks. So everything they said about wagyu was true! You realize that while tapa is really nice with garlic rice and fried egg, wagyu is what you really want in life.

wagyu steak at Steak Kuni Tokyo

When Janine Tugonon won 1st runner up in Miss Universe last December 2012, I really thought she should’ve won. I thought she answered intelligently and she looked like a winner.

Janine Tugonon

Then someone on Twitter sent me a picture of her boyfriend. So I looked. And I was shocked.

Jaypee Santos

I had no comment, only thoughts. The same thought I had when Kris married James Yap.
And my thought was: this isn’t going to end nicely.
And so I wasn’t shocked when Janine announced her breakup with Jaypee Santos on Kris TV.
The reason, it appears, is The Script frontman Danny O’Donoghue, who is also a coach on The Voice UK.

Danny O'Donoghue

Story has it, Janine and Jaypee watched The Script concert at the Smart Araneta last March 31, 2013.
Since Janine won the Miss Philippines crown at the same venue last year, she was chummy-chummy with the Smart Araneta staff, who got her access backstage, where she got to meet Danny O’Donoghue and the band.

Janine and The Script

Story has it Danny even asked Janine if she had a boyfriend, so she pointed to Jaypee.
Right after this, Danny and Janine started following each other on Twitter. DMs were exchanged, and well, Jaypee got dumped.

Oh, I know some people who once loved nobodies. They dedicated their lives to helping that someone become somebody.
Then years later, when their loved one finally becomes a somebody, they get dumped.
(Luckily it didn’t happen to me.) But this is truly the stuff we like to see in movies or in real life.
While I feel bad for tapa, este Jaypee, I do hope he gets to move on.
As for Janine, I wish her more success, not to look back, and hope that Danny doesn’t pulverize her heart.


What I don’t understand is why is he still hanging around in this video??

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Tessa Cruz

The whole thing was disconcerting but I was more concerned that Janine seemed to keep using the same spoon to taste the dish! Then Kris refused to share the spoon pa. I guess she didn’t want to share spit with the tapa vs. wagyu queen.



He looks like a nice guy the ex. I kinda judged at first kung vauhket she was being judged for breaking up being honest to herself and just see whats out there but she was being rude about the whole break up. he is the underdog this time and we all rooting for him. Jaypee, i know there is a saying nice guys finish last pero dont let other people disrespect you what more in national tv. If she really cares for you, she wouldnt be acting like a giddy school girl discussing her crush right infront of you or… Read more »