Found: The new Kitson e-mook
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The e-mook is a great Japanese invention to encourage (mostly) women to purchase a magazine by including a premium gift inside the package.
A “mook” is a cross between a magazine and a book, and the e-mook is published by Takarajimasha.
E-mooks are typically brand-specific and focused on a single trendy fashion label, which offers a catalog of its latest collection.
I usually buy my e-mooks at Kinokuniya in Singapore or the Hong Kong airport when I want to give myself an inexpensive present.
This time around I bought the Kitson e-mook because of the cute little cube bag.

Kitson e-mook

I used it immediately on the plane from Hong Kong to Manila.

What's in my bag?

It surprisingly packs a lot.

What's in my bag

1. wet tissues
2. kitson mirror (free)
3. Samsung Galaxy Note
4. book
5. eco-bag
6. wallet
7. BlackBerry Bold
8-9. Mophie charger from JFK airport
10. medicine
11. Divine Mercy chaplet
12. tissue

Cheap bags give me as much joy an an inexpensive bag. And e-mooks provide that instant pickmeup whenever I’m in the airport waiting for my flight.
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