The Men of Grey’s Anatomy
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I’ve just started Season 5 of Grey’s Anatomy. I started late and I don’t mind, because now I can have my Grey’s Anatomy marathons at night while everybody’s sleeping.
In the beginning I thought I would rekindle my crush on Patrick Dempsey since he was one of my crushes in the ’80s.

Patrick Demspey

But honestly, I find his character, Dr. Derek Shepherd so boring. I find his choices of women so boring, and I can’t date a guy who lives in a vehicle.


I prefer Dr. Alex Karev (played by Justin Chambers), even though he’s an asshole. At least he’s not boring.


Plus points for having been a Calvin Klein model and looking like a young Marlon Brando.

justin-chambers-model-5 Marlon Brando
L-R: Justin Chambers, Marlon Brando

I kind of liked Dr. George O’Malley because kindness is a big turn-on for me. But I couldn’t crush on him fully when I found out actor T.R. Knight is gay.
As a fag hag, I love gay men as friends, but I can’t fall in love with them because it’s useless. I have trained my heart that way.


As for Dr. Mark Sloan, no thanks. I don’t find him cute. I don’t find him steamy. I just don’t like.


I do apologize for not listing any of the African American men, as I do have a preference for white men or Oriental. Sorry, I’m not sorry. But do feel free to vote for your favorite Grey’s Anatomy man in the poll below:

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