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You don’t have to be a Kris Aquino fan to know that anything she does is news.
Like her or not, you’ll have to admit that she has the numbers. If she features a new restaurant, it will be packed. If she’s talking about an eyebrow pencil, people are going to want that.

Kris Aquino

Lately I’ve been wondering what she’s up to since she’s no longer as visible on TV.
In a way, I can relate very much. After more than 15 years of blogging, I’ve decided to slow down.
I feel like change is in the air, not just for me but for lots of people.
I feel like Kris and I may be in the same cycle—except she has more guts and more will to reinvent herself, while I’m just waiting for things to unfold.

When you decide to slow down there’s a risk that people will forget about you. Some people are lucky enough to make a successful comeback and reinvent themselves.
I stumbled upon Kris’ Facebook page where she has #TheKrisList, a series of videos where she talks about new experiences.
The first webisode is called Calligraphy, where she learns the art of handwriting through the guidance of professional calligrapher and painter, Alessandra Lanot.

Being the daughter of a former journalist, Kris said she has much respect for the written word.
“When I give gifts, I make sure each one comes with a note written for the person. I am not a patient person but calligraphy taught me that if you want something to turn out beautiful, you have to give it time and you have to have patience,” she said.
From calligraphy strokes, Kris learned to give herself time to pause and “always end on a high.”

In the second episode, Camping, Kris gives in to her son Bimby’s wish to go camping.
“Our kids will always challenge us,” she said.
Kris and Bimby went to Caliraya where, upon the latter’s wishes, they pitched a tent, tried to fish, flew a kite, and walked around.
“It was tough, but seeing my son smile made it all worth it,” she said. “You will do anything for your kid, no matter how difficult.”
At the end of the episode, Kris realized that while her relationships didn’t work out, she now has two precious sons who are “kind-hearted, honest and respectful.”

In the third episode, Kris returns to the kitchen with Laing.
Her guest is designer Avel Bacudio, who is also an expert in cooking the spicy Bicolano dish.
“Food is a big part of my life,” she said.
In explaining what laing is (a dish made of taro leaves, pork, shrimps, coconut milk and chilis), Kris realized that the dish, though simple, has so many layers.

Avel told Kris two secrets about making laing. One is to use taro leaves from Bicol because the leaves are bigger. He also emphasized that one shouldn’t stir the pot as it is believed it will make the leaves “itchy.”
“It is important to use good quality pork, so go for a brand you trust. It is also important to take your time, be patient and wait for all of it to come together.”

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