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First it was Sharon, then it was Kris, today there’s Anne.
The great thing about being a celebrity in the Philippines, is there’s not much competition. A celebrity endorser can have work for decades until someone more relevant comes along.
I remember when Sharon Cuneta used to endorse everything until Kris Aquino replaced her, hogging all the billboards and hawking everything from corned beef to substandard electric fans (sorry).
While Sharon is hardly convincing these days (not even Marie France), Kris Aquino continues to rake it in, while Anne Curtis is ubiquitous,  peddling everything from Swatch watches to real estate.
But what makes Anne different from the two is, if she doesn’t try too hard to be fashion forward (read: underboob) or she doesn’t sing, she’s actually all right.
Manila’s favorite cover girl has nearly 2 million Twitter followers, and is followed by and tweeted to by Paulo Coelho.

Screen shot 2011-11-24 at 7.34.10 PM

Hey I’m not a fan of Paulo Coelho, but if he tweeted me like that, I would brag about it too.
So today we formally opened the 7th Pepper Lunch branch in the Philippines at SM Megamall-A. I actually saw Alodia Gosienfiao last night at Pia Cayetano’s book launch—was gonna invite her to slice the ribbon, but was too shy.
Instead, we had Jeroen and Mich Dulce cut the vine.


Bitch Dulce was here.

Bitch Dulce bag

Meet the design team for all Pepper Lunch stores in the Philippines: Takatoshi Kimachi, Misty Floro and Geran Cunanan of Golden Eye Creative.


After lunch, we went to Swatch to pick up something for Mich—I insisted she get the Jeremy Scott Double Vision for practical purposes, since she’s all over the place.

Jeremy Scott Swatch

That’s where we had the first Anne Curtis sighting.


On our way back to Pepper Lunch, it suddenly dawned upon me that Anne was everywhere. I realized as Mich told me she copied her shoes and lipstick from Anne Curtis (read: effective endorser).
Here’s Anne number 2


Number 3


Number 4


Number 5

Anne and Mich

Number 6


Number 7


That’s not even counting the magazines at National Bookstore and the product endorsements inside the supermarket.
So if Megamall were an indicator, then Anne Curtis Smith is definitely the It Girl.

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