The heat is on!
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After surviving last month’s mosquito infestation, here comes the summer heat.

Manila weather

The hottest day in Manila usually begins on my birthday, April 30. I know because for so many years it’s been a concern of mine whenever I decide to throw a party. This year I made sure to have five aircons at my party—but more of that in a later post.
It was so hot on the afternoon of my birthday that I decided to do my annual fried eggsperiment on our deck.

Our deck

I took a small frying pan and cracked an egg over cooking oil at 1 PM and left it on the plastic table.

Cooking an egg under the sun in Manila

I went back to the air-conditioned room to chill and found the egg fully cooked an hour later at 2 PM—I kid you not!!
I should’ve seasoned it with salt and pepper, but the egg yolk was already overcooked.

Cooking an egg under the sun in Manila

I left it for one more hour before deciding to “scramble” it.

Cooking an egg under the sun in Manila

By this time the sun was no longer scorching and I was getting grossed out at the egg, so I asked the maid to take it away like Joe Quirino.
May 1st was especially brutal for me. I stayed home the whole day and felt our house turn into an oven. I felt the heat steaming from the plates as I washed them in the sink, which spewed out hot water as well.

Here’s how I plan to survive the rest of Manila summer:
1) Aside from drinking ice water the whole day, I had the aircon filter cleaned today.
2) Wash my legs in cold water before going to bed.
3) Sleep without pajama pants.
4) I also replenished my stockpile of Kool Fever gel pads to relieve me from heat-induced migraine. Can’t live without these and this is not a sponsored post 🙂

Kool Fever gel patch

Not sure if it was that hot today because I stepped out of the house to see my eye doctor at Greenbelt.
I’m just grateful for the trickles of rain God has been sending every once in a while. That’s better than nothing.
And how is the heat treating you?

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