Best in hair: CNN’s Ivan Watson
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Aside from being vertically challenged, one of my biggest frustrations in life is the hair. I was born with naturally thin curly hair, so most of the time when I look at a person, I notice the hair first.
I think people with great hair are so gifted. Lots of people are born with good hair strands, but not everybody has great hair.
I think that’s what made me notice Ivan Watson in the first place.
Aside from having a romantic job (as CNN Senior International Correspondent), Ivan has really good hair.
I have no idea if he’s married, single, straight or gay. All I know is he’s now based in Hong Kong (so near) and previously, he was based in Istanbul, Turkey for five years.

Ivan’s job at CNN takes him around the world—from the Philippines to Haiti, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Russia—basically where the action is.
Of course the job is only romantic because he’s cute (sorry!).
Last May, 2015, I got to briefly meet Ivan Watson at the CNN Philippines office on Shaw Boulevard.
I found out he was in town because I follow @ivancnn on Instagram.

Ivan Watson with nephew
Ivan with his newborn nephew. The hair is just killing me!!

After leaving a comment on Ivan’s Instagram, Angel Jacob messaged me on my phone.
Angel hosts MedTalk on CNN Philippines and told me Ivan was going to drop by the office soon.
So on May 4th, 2015, I woke up abnormally early to stalk him.

Angel is one of the loveliest people you will ever meet. I met her 13 years ago at a children’s party when Ben was just a few months old. She met me at the entrance of the CNN office.

Angel Jacob

Bit of trivia: I wanted to be a broadcast journalist when I was younger, but I froze the first time I was on cam, so I decided to write instead.
Here’s a quick peek around the office. News anchor Hilary Isaac was still with CNN at that time.

CNN Philippines

All the people behind the scenes. I would’ve liked to work here if I were younger.

CNN Philippines

I really envy people who can talk in front of the camera

CNN Philippines

Ivan arrived before lunch and was introduced to the bosses

Ivan Watson at CNN Philippines

We were waiting in a lounging area when Ivan Watson walked in wearing a jacket over jeans and leather shoes.

Ivan Watson at CNN Philippines

I took a picture of Ivan and Angel. Angel took her fan out because she is a “fan”

Ivan Watson at CNN Philippines

I would’ve wanted to talk to him but he had to go on cam for an interview.

Ivan Watson at CNN Philippines

Hay, ang pogi ni ankel, as Angel would say. LOL.

Ivan Watson

Ivan is the second CNN reporter I have stalked.

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