The future of our children
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We have just weighed our sons’ school bags. The older one’s bag weighs 27 lbs. while the younger one’s weighs 31 lbs.
We worry about them lugging their bags through six flights of stairs and how it will affect their bones and growth.
About two years ago my friend Patrice wondered if the school our kids go to would transition to using tablets, instead of carrying multiple textbooks on a daily basis.
The school responded to parents’ complaints by installing lockers for the older kids, that’s why my older son’s bag weighs 4 lbs. less than his brother’s. Still, it weighs a ton.
The school also built ramps all the way to the third floor to help the kids lug their heavy wheeled baggage upwards.

Now comes Apple’s iBooks Textbooks and school will never be the same again.
If and when this comes to our country, what worries me is how can some parents afford the tablets, and how would one deal with theft that happens in schools everywhere?
When I was in grade school I lost a wallet, money, a collection of really cute sharpeners, and a bag containing a huge boom box—but losing all of that wouldn’t hurt as much as losing one’s iPad.
Do you support iPads as textbooks, or should we stick to the old?

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