The Face Shop revisited eight years later
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Long before Korea emerged as the next big thing in music, television, and fashion, all I knew about Korea was food.
We had a few Korean restaurants in Manila and in New York, many of my Parsons schoolmates were Korean.
My best friend Julia was Korean and she had the softest skin on earth. Every time my arm brushed against hers, hers felt like a cloud.
Koreans have the most amazing skin. Their girls supposedly start their skin care as early as nine years old, which probably accounts for their gorgeous skin.
Thanks to The Face Shop, us Filipinos have easy access to Korean beauty products.

The Face Shop at Shangri-La Plaza

The Face Shop was the first Korean beauty brand to formally enter the Philippine market eight years ago.
Among its best-sellers are the BB and CC Cream lines—BB stands for “blemish balm” and CC stands for “colour control.”

Face Shop BB cream
CC cream, Face Shop

Skin masks are also very popular, which is understandable as Koreans are known for their 10-step skin care, which starts from cleansing the face and ends with a “sleeping pack” or mask at night.
Tip: These are great to use whenever your face feels “tired” before going to a photo shoot or event.

Face Shop mask
Face shop masks

For dry and chapped lips, The Face Shop has a cute gel patch you can wear on your down time in order to smoothen and soften your lips.

modeling gel patch

Here’s some trivia about lip tints: apply it in the centre of your lips for a gradient, pouty look. The Face Shop has a product that’s perfect for this—Stamping on my Lips, which comes with a cute little stamp for the centre of your lips.

stamping on my lips

For makeup, Koreans are famous for their natural approach, which doesn’t exactly translate to less is more. They just know how to use their beauty products properly. The Face Shop has a selection of makeup in fun packaging, such as this eyebrow tinting mascara

Face Shop

Frosted eyeshadow


and rouge

casette blush

These sweet-smelling perfume sticks will brighten up any girl’s makeup table

perfume sticks

Plus there’s tons of nail polish to choose from


Knowing me, I chose beige 🙂


Some of my favourite things: affordable makeup brushes


and makeup removing wipes


The Face Shop is Korea’s number one beauty brand, with over 2,200 stores worldwide, including 49 in the Philippines.
To find the store nearest you, click HERE.
To know more about The Face Shop in the Philippines, like them on Facebook.

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