The bittersweet life of Jennylyn Mercado
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I consider Jennylyn Mercado one of the prettiest faces in local show biz.
Some people don’t have to do anything, yet they annoy the hell out of you. But Jennylyn, I like.
Nothing about her annoys me, except maybe, her name. And the name she gave her kid (Alex Jazz).

jennylyn mercado

In the film Rosario, she portrayed a woman whose series of wrong choices leads to her tragic end.

Rosario movie poster

In real life, her story isn’t far from Rosario, as though life imitated art.
You can read about it in this month’s Yes! magazine.


The story begins with Jen as a baby abandoned by her mother and raised by a loving aunt, only to be taken back at age 3 by her biological mother to live in with her lover.
When Jen’s mom abandons her again to work abroad, Jen is physically and mentally abused by her drug-addict step father.
The story ends up in the tabloids when Jen’s aunt comes to rescues her with the help of some cops.


The article takes you through her journey as a reluctant commercial model entering show business and gaining popularity by winning a reality show called Starstruck Survivor.
She falls for her fellow winner and consequent love team, Mark Herras, who turns out to have more women than she can handle.


She falls in love with the boy next door, Patrick Garcia, an angelic-faced actor who turns out to be a controlling stalker.

Patrick's Angelic Face

They get pregnant, he’s not ready, and denies it’s his child. They break up in a bad way.
She gives birth to a boy named Alex Jazz or AJ, whom she raises with her adoptive mother.
She meets Dennis Trillo, seriously one of the best-looking actors in town, who turns out to be more than just a cad.
I don’t really blame her for falling for this guy

Dennis Trillo

If a guy looked like this, wouldn’t he be worth the heartbreak?


What I love about Yes! mag is that they even provide angry text between Dennis and Jennylyn


Not to mention, a blow-by-blow account and illustration of the final confrontation/physical altercation that resulted in the couple’s breakup


Hats off to Jen. After all the hurt and pain brought about by the men in her life, she takes matters into her own hands and enrolls in a self defense class.


Read all about it and don’t miss the June issue of Yes! magazine.

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