The best Thai sampaloc
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I can’t remember how I discovered this product. Maybe my sister gave me. But this is seriously the best sampaloc I’ve had. Bought this at the Gourmet Market (supermarket) in Paragon, Bangkok.
I’m not a huge fan of spicy, but this one really hits the spot. I consume so much ice water while eating this, and I can only take a few bites at a time because it’s so tasty, I cry a little when eating it.


Besides the cute packaging, I love that the tamarind is mixed in a bed of large salt crystals.
A kind warning though: it causes much gas and diarrhea. As in, you should stay home. Don’t go out on a date and don’t eat this before boarding a plane or train.
So forget Juju cleanse and all those fancy detox diets, Tamarind House makes one of the best tasting laxatives out there.

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Grabe… nangasim ako bigla just by looking at the packaging. How much more kung nilabas yung contents at kinunan ng close-up picture? 🙁



Ms. C, you may have just kickstarted an all new diet trend. :)) I love sampaloc myself but can’t eat any spicy food at all. So even though this sounds so yummy as you described, hindi ko siya makakain ever. 🙁