How to save on Globe roaming charges
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For all things tech, especially related to Globe and BlackBerrys, I always take advice from the mother of techies, Pia Magalona.
Here’s a money-saving tip she gave me when I went to Hong Kong.
I have used this three times, and each time I had to ask her, “What’s that tip again?”
So finally I am posting it so next time I need the tip, all I have to do is Google “chuvaness pia magalona globe tip.”
With this I was able to keep my BlackBerry on at all times, use Twitter and BBM without fear of getting a heart attack-inducing six-figure phone bill.

Additional info from Pia:
1) This is only for data roaming; calls and sms/texts are still charged roaming rate. Please check with Globe before you leave.
2) Save your confirmation message after subscribing so you have proof because most of the time when your bill arrives, the data roaming charges MAY appear in there so it’s better to have the info still in your phone.
3) Overall, this saves one a whole lotta money when travelling abroad.
There’s also PowerRoam for countries such as the US and European nations, but that’s another story.

Pia Magalona

Globe Telecom’s Bridge DataRoam Unlimited is applicable to the following countries:
Hong Kong (CSL), Singapore (Singtel), Thailand (AIS), Malaysia (Maxis), Macau (CTM), Australia (Optus), Taiwan (Taiwan Mobile), Indonesia (Telkomsel), India (Bharti Airtel), and South Korea (SK Telecom).
The cost is:
US$ 10 for 1 (one) day
US$ 27 for 3 (three) days
US$ 40 for 5 (five) days

All you have to do is text a message to 2884, depending on the country and service you want to avail.
For example, I did: BDU Hong Kong 40
I texted this on the day I left for Hong Kong, knowing I will be there for five days.
If you activate the unlimited data roaming service on the same day you signup, you don’t need to indicate the start date in the SMS format.

You can also text:
BDU[space]Country[space]Denomination[space]Start Date mm/dd/yy
For example, if you want to stay in Singapore from February 1-3, 2011 and want to avail Globe Telecom’s unlimited data roaming for 3 days – text
BDU Singapore 27 02/01/11 and send to 2884.

Note that if you sign up for the unlimited data roaming while in abroad, your account will be charged for the transaction using the current roaming rates. So it’s better to signup while you’re still here in the country to avoid additional charges.
Try it!!

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