The Baby Box
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One of my fantasies is to have someone just literally leave a baby at my doorstep, in swadling clothes and inside a basket.
It’s no secret I love babies and unfortunately can’t have more.
Sometime last year I got a call from a friend that a housekeeper in the next village was giving away her newborn son. I went and took a look and the baby was cute. I wanted to take him home.
What stopped me was first, the baby had jaundice. That meant it was my responsibility to put him under the sun twice a day until the toxins are out.
Second, our house is under renovation and a mess. We had no room for the baby.
Third, the boys didn’t want a new baby.

By using social media I found the baby a loving home. Tell you the truth, I cried a little after handing him over to the social worker who took him to his new mom.
I still fantasize about having a baby fall into my lap again, even just to care for a few months, being a licensed foster parent. What stops me from adopting another one, aside from my age and constant tiredness, is the number of recollections I have to attend as a parent. That is the part I dislike about being Catholic. Too many recollections, and frankly I feel uncomfortable sitting still for hours and listening to personal stuff with a bunch of strangers.
If there were no recollections, I’d say I’d love to have another baby.

As a baby lover this video makes me cry. Whenever I hear about a baby that was abandoned in a bathroom stall or duffel bag, I wish that baby had gone to me instead.
Watch this trailer and see how a simple box in South Korea has saved precious lives.

“The Drop Box” – Documentary PROMO from Arbella Studios on Vimeo.

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