The 84th Academy Awards on VELVET
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Only a few hours before the Oscar Awards, I have succeeded in watching a few more movies, namely, The Help, Midnight in Paris, Tree of Life, and The Descendants. I’m not crazy about any of them, but if I had to watch one again, I would see Midnight in Paris a second time.
Please don’t bother watching Tree of Life, unless you want to see an extended, annoying version of National Geographic, the movie. As Kevin Ranson of said, “If I can prevent just one person from watching this, it’ll have been worth suffering through it.”
Now here’s what the Oscars are all about this year.

Watch the Academy Awards on Velvet channel beginning 6 AM Manila time, if you want to see the Red Carpet coverage. If you prefer to sleep in longer, show proper begins at 9:30 AM. Billy Crystal returns as host.
And if you’re working (as I am at noon), a replay will be aired on Monday night.

Oscar Awards

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