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Most of the time I like to clown around on Twitter. Like this afternoon I realized, why does Sam Ajdani follow Regina Belmonte and not me? So I decided to make this #jejetweet


The #jejetweet was a hit. Soon people were asking Sam to follow me


I even offered to throw in some prizes


Finally, after a few minutes:


Listen, I have no idea what Teddyboy Locsin’s #jejetweet was all about, but Sam Ajdani followed me!!


For those asking, Sam Ajdani is Manila’s model du jour—at least he has a small fan club of groupies who are ecstatic he joined Twitter. 🙂 He also appeared in last month’s Metro magazine (January 2013 issue)

Sam Ajdani

That said, here’s the promised giveaway: four buckets filled with colorful girly stuff


It includes: 1) Burlington foot products; 2) Goody hair accessories; 3) little Pupung clock from SOLO; 4) Team Manila zippered pouch; 5) Tokidoki eyeshadow set from Sephora; 6) Dylan’s Candy Bar reusable BAGGU tote bag; 7) New York subway map pen; 8) Spam tin case from Target.

1) Open to any follower with a Philippine-based shipping address
2) Must follow @chuvaness on Twitter or Instagram
3) Must register HERE.
4) Winners will be drawn by electronic lottery
5) Cutoff on Feb. 8, 2013 at 11:00 PM.
6) Winners will be announced here and on Twitter.

More giveaways coming soon!

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