Terrace House star in Up Dharma Down’s newest music video
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What do Japanese reality show Terrace House and Filipino band Up Dharma Down have in common?
Both have a cult following. They aren’t talked about a lot in public but you’d be surprised at the number of people who are fans of Terrace House on Netflix and Up Dharma Down and their songs.

UDD recently launched their music video for their new song Sigurado, which was directed by Nic Reyes and shot entirely in Tokyo.
The music video shows Terrace House’s Mizuki Shida in what looks like a date around Tokyo.

“Instead of a narrative, we made the video about ‘feels.’ We kept it simple and let the song shine,” said Reyes.
The team shot the music video for two days entirely in Tokyo. It’s the first time that the band members do not appear in their video.
“It’s our fifth collaboration with Nic. We can’t imagine doing a music video without him,” said UDD vocalist Armi Millare.

The band’s other members are Carlos Tanada, Ean Mayor and Paul Yap.
Up Dharma Down is known for music that speaks to the soul. Their followers range from teenagers and their not-so-young mothers because good music, they say, knows no age.
For the launch of its music video, UDD flew in Miss Shida to meet to the Philippine media.

Mizuki Shida
Mizuki Shida (left) with the members of Up Dharma Down

How was UDD able to get Shida, a barista, to agree to the shoot?
“It was Toti. He made it happen,” said Millare.
Toti is Toti Dalmacion of Terno Recordings, which manages Up Dharma Down.
Toti, a Terrace House fan, thought it would be a good idea to cast Shida in the music video and he was lucky to see her at the coffee shop in Tokyo where she worked.

Mizuki Shida

“They were very kind,” said Miss Shida of her experience. “It was very nice.”
We just had to ask Miss Shida how it felt that the three guys on Terrace House didn’t seem to see her in a romantic light.
“There were six people there: three boys and three girls. It was a very small world. There is a bigger world out here and that’s how I chose to look at it,” she said through an intepreter.

To know more about Up Dharma Down, click HERE.

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