Temptation Island 2011, the premiere
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I was lucky to be invited by Girlie Rodis for the premiere of Temptation Island, the remake.
It was my first time to go out since the procedure. I am still manas, but improving everyday.
I can’t tell you how many movie premieres I have been too, but they are always fun.
These are movie fans dying to get in or at least get a glimpse of the stars.


Didn’t know Tim had a fan club, hehe


Girlie got us the best seats. We were right in front of the original Temptation Island‘s Azenith Briones. (Photo: Girlie Rodis)

Me, Jay and Harold with Azenith Briones

The place started to fill up. No wonder Girlie wanted to seat us right away. Check out all the cameras.

Sitting in front of us: original cast members Deborah Sun and Azenith Briones


Hideo Muraoka


Fabio Ide


On the other side: Victor Basa, Divine Lee, JM Rodriguez (Photos: Girlie Rodis)

Victor Basa, Divine Lee, JM Rodriguez

Celia Rodriguez and Tim Yap

Celia Rodriguez, Tim Yap

Richard Gordon with Roselle and Lily Monteverde

Richard Gordon, Roselle and Lily Monteverde

Jake Cuenca and Korina Sanchez

Jake Cuenca, Korina Sanchez

The stars of Temptation Island 2011: Rufa Mae Quinto


Solenn Heussaff


Marian Rivera says hello to Celia Rodriguez


Lovi Poe


Heart Evangelista may have been absent (on a Brazilian holiday with her Daniel Matsunaga) but her fans were not.


(To be continued)

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