Who’s afraid of Redwood 9?
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“If you build it, they will come.” —Field of Dreams

A classy tourist needs classy accommodations. Don’t you wish the Philippines had quality tourists (think Singapore)—like families, women, spending tourists—instead of pedophiles and sex tourists?
Because our accommodations, our airport, our toilets are crap.
There are probably one or two decent hotels in Metro Manila. And I say decent only. Not even high class. I have been to the Presidential Suite of one of the top hotels here and the bathroom fixtures were ancient.

It’s been a year since I attempted to take my family to Tagaytay, as our last experience was a disaster.
We were excited to go because someone told me about Redwood 9 at Tagaytay Highlands which is a three-bedroom log cabin for rent for about Php 21,000/night.
I told my dad’s secretary to book for Friday and Saturday. I really meant two nights, but she apparently thought it was one night. The pictures looked promising.


But as Tripadvisor will tell you, pictures lie.
This upright aircon in the living room has seen better days.


How much are upright aircons? Surely a few nights rented could’ve paid for a new one all these years.


In our bedroom upstairs the aircon was leaking, hence the towel on the table—one less towel we could’ve used. Not enough towels in this place if you ask me.


This improvised remote control wasn’t working so our aircon wasn’t cooling. After tossing and turning at night, I decided to go down to the kids’ room to “borrow” their remote control.


This flower arrangement needs to meet the trash can.


It kept shedding inside the bathtub, whose handshower is clogged by the way.


Why put an empty candle holder there?


The shower door was falling apart. I didn’t dare use this. Bathtub na lang.


But never mind all of that. Truly, I had to close my eyes while brushing my teeth as I cannot take this grime.


This morning, I was having a dream about Jeroen and his friends putting up a play in the cellar, wearing wigs and mustaches, when I received a text that we had to check out at noon. I was truly surprised we were being kicked out as I thought we were booked for two nights.
I had to shower quickly and pack like the Birkin scammer leaving for Texas.
I was kind of upset as they were making us kulit to leave the premises, but honestly happy to go back to Manila.

P.S. We get that Tagaytay Highlands isn’t making money. The facilities like the playground are in dire need of repair. The cable car isn’t working. The gym and the bowling area were dark, like they were not expecting anybody.
The Spa & Lodge looks lovely from outside, but I wonder if the carpets on the first floor have been changed last time I checked?


Bottomline: these people need to renovate first instead of developing new residences while letting the older facilities rot.

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