#TagahatidPasko ng Coke, Part Two
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Still in Tokyo and not stopping myself from drinking Coke, because hey, it’s the holidays.
Before I left Manila, Coke gave me an assignment to give away ten bottles of Coke to special people. Here are the next five:

6) Cleanup Crew
Meet my nurse Wanda. I’ve been hiring nurses to help me at home for several years now—for care after surgery, child birth, or when the kids are sick and I need to get some sleep. Wanda’s been my nurse for a couple of years now. She comes in twice a week for my coffee enema, having been trained at home by Detox Manila. I need my coffee enema due to my history of digestive and colonic problems. While most people can do enema themselves, I need Wanda to do it because I’d be too lazy otherwise.


7) #OOTD Idol
Tito Greg is easily the most stylish one in my Dad’s Thursday Group (lunch club), with the spiffy Prada shoes. Aside from being one of the country’s most respected advertising professionals, Tito Greg is a well-known political adviser. I’m lucky he’s just a call away whenever I’m in some kind of trouble, especial the cyber kind.

Tito Greg

These are very special “Greg” shoes.

Greg shoes

8) Photo Op Peg
Tina Tagle is one of the most honest bloggers I know who has been blogging for as long as I have (more than 15 years). I know, because we both started on blogspot, which sounds so old school. Though she’s already in her 50s, Tina is never lazy to put herself together and post her looks online. This is how she keeps young. I admire her in many ways.


9) Bantay Bae
Meet Albert, my Dad’s Man Friday of maybe three decades. I’m simply amazed that he hasn’t aged. He’s the guy to go to when you want good coffee or ice cream at my Dad’s office. Besides being loyal to my Dad, he takes good care of the Boss, and for that I am very grateful.


10) Ambassador of Good Will
She may be a busy Councilor of Taguig, but my cousin Pammy can be counted on to fill in for Mayor Lani when we need her. I have never seen her in a bad mood and I’m proud of how devoted Pammy is to her job. Like Mayor Lani, I’m sure she’ll go a long way.


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