#TagahatidPasko ng Coke, Part One
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Happy Holidays from Tokyo!
Just before I left, Coca-Cola sent me a red sack with ten bottles of Coke to share with people who are just nice or help me around. I have lots of favorite people, it’s just hard to get hold of them in hectic, trafficky December.

1) Christmas Cheerleader
Meet my girl Friday, house manager, condo keeper, head cheerleader, and walking happy pill, Rem, who never has a bad day. My friend Penny once said of Rem: “What is she on? Can we bottle that?” I wish I could. Thank you Rem for coming when I need you most, when I’m craving for that grilled sushi or two kilos of Tatang’s lechon, which only tastes good with an ice-cold glass of Coke.


2) Hatid-sundo Hero
Obviously my driver Benji. Ever since our 20-year-driver Mang Seniong retired a couple of years ago, I thought it would be hard to find a good replacement. Benji started as my hubby’s driver, but Jeroen kindly passed him on to me because Benji has a brain and understands instructions, gets things done without asking.


3) Bidang buddy
Keri is my reliable “plus one” every time I have to go to an event and don’t want to be alone. She also makes sure I eat when she’s knows I’m having a really bad week. She will show up at my front door with a bucket of chicken or favorite mocha cake. Best had with a bottle of Coke of course. And she doesn’t leave until she knows I’m OK.


4) #OOTD Idol
Very few people in Manila dress for themselves, meaning, they don’t follow trends, they make her own. I love passing by Paul Smith at Greenbelt 5 to see what Michelle is wearing. She’s the woman behind those trendy fringy shoe accessories. Just look for her at Paul Smith.


5) Helping Hand
Lino is my co-tenant at the NAC Tower. He won’t hesitate to run down to help me during a traffic altercation and is very calm at it. He’s also very nice to my dad, he feels like the brother I never had.


(To be continued)

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