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Signs of progress: Studioilse designs Cathay Pacific Lounge at NAIA Terminal 3
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Remember that Cathay Pacific Noodle Bar you always look forward to at the Hong Kong International Airport?
It just opened in Manila, at NAIA Terminal 3.
What’s more, the newly opened Cathay Pacific Lounge was designed by Studioilse, the London-based design studio led by Ilse Crawford.

Cathay Pacific Lounge, Haneda
Studioilse-designed entrance to Cathay Pacific Lounge in Haneda

Located at Level 4 near Gate 114, the new lounge adopts the new Studioilse design template—with the cherry wood walls and limestone floor, using warm, natural materials like wood and stone to soften acoustics where possible.
The design also features details such as glazed screens, green ceramic tiles at The Noodle Bar, bronze highlights at the main entrance, and brass in the Bar.

Cathay Pacific Lounge, Haneda
Studioilse design template in Haneda with green ceramic tiles at The Noodle Bar

The Manila lounge measures 650 square meters—almost twice the size of the previous lounge at NAIA Terminal 1—with a seating capacity of approximately 135 seats.
The overall feeling is more like a living room than an airline lounge, with natural sunlight coming through the windows.
Designer furniture and lighting, bespoke chairs and side tables with in-built lamps and sockets offer a comfortable environment and understated luxury for First and Business Class passengers before boarding.
Three individual workstations offer the use of iMacs and printers, and free Wi-Fi is available throughout the lounge.

Cathay Pacific lounge
Wish this guy came with the lounge

Finally, the dining area’s signature Noodle Bar will offer a selection of Asian noodles like dandan mien and wonton noodle soup, freshly prepared by a chef.

Wonton Noodles

From the morning hours until 11 AM, an authentic Philippine breakfast will also be offered, and the Bar is where passengers can enjoy a wide selection of tapas, desserts, freshly blended cocktails and a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.
PS. Is there Haagen-Dazs?
Makes me wonder what the bathrooms look like.
Now there’s another reason to fly Cathay Pacific.

Baby steps: Checking in NAIA Terminal 3
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It’s my first time to check in at NAIA Terminal 3.
Jeroen and I were on our way to Japan for our 14th wedding anniversary. From Pasig, Terminal 3 is faster to go to than Terminal 1. Terminal 3 is so spacious

NAIA Terminal 3

We checked in three pieces of Rimowa trunks at Cathay Pacific.

NAIA Terminal 3

Bearer of Philippine passports still have to fill out a departure card (not Jeroen).

NAIA Terminal 3

No line at Immigration!!

NAIA Terminal 3

There’s a shoe shine section waiting for customers

NAIA Terminal 3

Tons of seats that that are not disgusting

NAIA Terminal 3

Compare to NAIA 1


Here’s the thing: there’s still nothing to eat. Just dried mangoes everywhere.

NAIA Terminal 3

This is not Mann Hann by the way. I wish it were. Very wrong!!

NAIA Terminal 3

The food at the business class lounge doesn’t look edible. Nakahiya!!

NAIA Terminal 3

So no, there is nothing to eat at Terminal 3 (and I’m scared of chafing dishes)

NAIA Terminal 3

I would’ve eaten Krispy Kreme, but it was blocked by glass and barricades. No access for me.

NAIA Terminal 3

They do sell Maltesers Teasers

NAIA Terminal 3

And Birkenstocks (can’t eat those)

NAIA Terminal 3

Here’s the best part of all: an odorless, squeaky clean toilet at the airline lounge. THANK YOU LORD!!!!
My stomach/bladder/ass thank you!!

NAIA Terminal 3

Here’s what Terminal 3 needs to improve on:
1) Aircon. Hang inet!!
2) Lighting. Darkness + white lighting = depression.
3) Decent food choices with global-friendly brands.
4) Embargo on too many kinds of dried mango and polvoron. So boring.
5) Scenting. Seriously. Shameless plug:

Other than that, we’re on our way. Baby steps.
As Field of Dreams said, “If you build it, they will come.”
One day, NAIA Terminal 1 will become world class. We hope.

NAIA Terminal 3

Delta + four major airlines move to NAIA 3
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Good news for Delta Airlines travelers to and from Manila, Philippines: they’re moving to NAIA Terminal 3 beginning July 31, 2014 for arrivals and August 1st for departures.
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Emirates, Singapore Air and Cathay Pacific will also be transferring to Terminal 3 by the middle to end of August. (Source)
NAIA Terminal 3 promises larger departure and immigration halls, a smoother walk between the airport entrance and gates, more seating areas, less congestion at security, and more shopping and dining options.

Airport Reflection
Photo: Dexter Baldon

Take note:
If you need to transfer between Terminal (T1) and Terminal (T3), allow at least 1½ hours to transfer between terminals.
An airport shuttle is available between terminals. The shuttle departs every 30-45 minutes, and the ride to T3 takes approximately 30 minutes.
Taxi service is also available between terminals. Taxis are located curbside at the T1 departure level, and the ride to T3 takes approximately 30-90 minutes.
Proceeding through the security checkpoint at T3 takes approximately 30 minutes.
BusinessElite® travellers may access Pacific Club in Manila,located on the L1 Mezzanine level. (Source)

Can Bureau of Immigration’s Happy dance save their image?
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Flash mobs are so yesterday. Yet I found this Bureau of Immigration airport dance highly entertaining.
Who knew they could dance?
Dozens of Bureau of Immigration personnel surprised arriving passengers last June 12 at NAIA Terminal 2 by dancing to Pharrell William’s Happy, as part of the Bureau’s “customer intimacy project, consistent with its branding initiatives,” according to its YouTube channel.
“This also to communicate the Bureau of Immigration’s plan of action: Good Guys In, Bad Guys Out.”
Their program BI-CARES aims to “deploy a friendlier, more customer-oriented troop of immigration officers who will create a better environment for all travellers going through our ports.”
BI C.A.R.E.S. stands for courtesy, accountability, responsibility, efficiency and services.
Spotted joining the dancers were showbiz personalities Grace Lee and Ai-Ai de las Alas.