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Cibo di Marghi now has Food To Go for Christmas
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Christmas Eve dinner used to be something that families prepared for weeks in advance. I still have fond memories of lechon and turkey at my Lola Paying’s.
My lola is no longer with us but I can still have a great Christmas spread for my family by ordering dishes from one of our favorite restaurants.

Cibo di Marghi introduces Food To Go for Christmas, which includes some of my favorite dishes, including Beef Tenderloin “Tagliata al Rosmarino” and Chilean Sea Bass or Norwegian Salmon “al Sale” or baked in salt crust.

Cibo platters
Cibo platters

Other dishes available are Timballo al Forno

Cibo platters

Classic Baked Lasagna

Cibo platters

Roast Chicken all’Aglio Olio e Rosmarino

Cibo platters

Slow–Roast Beef Belly

Cibo platters

Roast Half Carcass of Lamb

Cibo platters

Tiramisù Croccante di Marghi and Crepe Millefoglie

Cibo platters

And more

Cibo platters

Cibo platters

Cibo platters

Cibo platters

Orders must be placed at least three days in advance.
50% downpayment through bank deposit is required to confirm.
To order, call (02) 729-0030 or (0917) 513-8932 or email
You may pick up your orders at Cibo di Marghi’s commissary in Whitespace, Makati City.

To know more follow them on Facebook or Instagram @cibodimarghi.

Cibo celebrates 20 years with Italian street food
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Hard to believe Cibo is 20 years old this year!
I still remember the first time I ever tried Cibo. It was 1997 in Glorietta.
Not this one—


but it was located at an open space which is now the 2nd level walkway to the Landmark.
It was phenomenal because it served affordable, delicious, Italian food and though they served it fast, you can’t really call it fast food.
I even remember my first order—chicken sandwich. To this day it’s still my favorite. Cibo was also first to introduce red grape shape to the country.
Everyone has a favorite Cibo dish! Ours is the beef tenderloin with garlic and rosemary. What’s yours?

Now for its 20th year anniversary, Cibo’s chef and founder Margarita Fores brings Italian street food to their newest branch at SM Aura.


“My travels to Italy aren’t complete without enjoying their street food,” said Margarita. “From then until now, I’ve taken delight in a wide range of pizze, panini, gelati and a lot of golden fried food, especially since they are reminiscent of the ones we have here. On Cibo’s 20th year, I am proud to share with you my love and my take on some of Italy’s beloved street food, Cibo di Strada.


Her special menu includes ARROSTICINI, which hails from the Abruzzo region in Italy. Arrosticini is skewered beef tenderloin cubes, spiked with chili flakes, and grilled to perfection.


FRITTO MISTO is a staple in all coastal areas of Italy. Think deep-fried shrimp, squid, zucchini, eggplant, and lemon in a light, crisp batter with special dip.


PIZZA FRITTA are Neapolitan deep-fried pizza dough pockets filled with tomato, mozzarella, and basil in groviera cream


It also comes in smoked ham, bel paese, mozzarella, and fontina in groviera cream.


For your sweet tooth, there’s Nutella banana pizza fritta.


PANINO PORCHETTA is grilled panino sandwich stuffed with slices of porchetta (spiced roast pork) that is typically Roman with tangy apple, pear mostarda, and peppery arugula.


ARANCINI, a Sicilian staple, are deep-fried risotto balls stuffed with three kinds of fillings:
Bologna-style beef, pork ragù and mozzarella


Al telefono—a blend of tomatoes, melting mozzarella, parmigiano and basil


and a mix of porcini mushrooms, gorgonzola and mozzarella.


Cibo di Strada is exclusively available at CIBO SM Aura, while Pizza Fritta is available in all branches.
Promo runs from June 26 to July 27, 2017, Mondays to Thursdays only.
Enjoy a 20% discount on a single order of any of our pasta dishes (for dine in and take out), when you order Pizza Fritta.

Celebrate Cibo’s 18th birthday with 18-peso dishes
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I still remember the first time I tasted Cibo back in 1997. A friend of mine was raving about it and took me to Margarita Forés’s first store in Glorietta.
It wasn’t even a real store then, it was set up in an open area on the 2nd level, leading to what became the walkway to Landmark.
Cibo was in fact the first open area eatery in the mall. After that everyone pretty much followed.
Eighteen years and several branches later, Cibo is still very much part of our family’s lifestyle, or should I say, taste buds.
Margarita Forés catered our wedding in November 2000 and continues to cater/host our family’s birthday parties. Now even my kids have their Cibo favorites.

As Cibo turns 18 this August, they are offering dishes at Php 18 only when you order its partner dish at regular price. Check out the partnered dishes below.

cibo 18th anniversary combos

Cibo’s 18 Pairs for 18 Years promo is available from Monday to Thursday from 3 August until 30 September 2015.
CIBO is at Alabang Town Center; Gateway Mall (Araneta Center); Glorietta 4; Greenbelt 5; Eastwood Mall; Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center; Promenade Greenhills; Robinsons Magnolia; Shangri-La Plaza.

My birthday 2015
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It’s not my thing to celebrate my birthday every year, but I’m getting old and I can afford to throw a party now. Sort of like my Dad; he celebrates every year. So maybe I get that from him.
I wasn’t supposed to celebrate this year. I was 50-50 on pushing through, but sort of last minute, I decided to go ahead and just do it.
But I didn’t want to spend as much as I did last year. That meant scaling down the party and inviting less people (sorry!!).
I didn’t have time to hire Saga Events, I just planned with three people: my friends Melvin Mojica, Yodel Pe, and Anthony Prudencio.
In planning a party, you start with a theme. I wanted to have airplane food, sort of like this.
I thought it would be fun to serve airplane food

Cathay Pacific Meal

So I ordered rush invitations online


I had a couple of meetings at Lusso with Anthony Prudencio to talk about the food.
It was supposed to be at Lusso, but I felt it would be be cramped, so we moved it to Whitespace instead (thank you for you kindness, Cris Villonco and staff).
The weather cooperated (no thunderstorm), though it was a bit warm inside the venue. They could add another aircon to the foyer.
From the outside, you could see the space was illuminated in KLM blue


And this is how it looked when guests arrived. There’s your inflight movie

Dinner setup

What’s a party without the drama?



My birthday balloons

Melvin hired a wonderful DJ, Chie Castañeda, who was probably a kid in the ’80s, but totally gets the music mixed with Burt Bacharach and other retro tunes.

Chie Castañeda

This was Melvin, me and Chie before the guests arrived. The outfit is from Dover Street Market Ginza

Melvin Mojica, Cecile van Straten, Chie Castañeda

There’s the satellite bar

MIni bar

A pizza oven churned out freshly baked flat bread for arriving guests


This is the guy who paid for the party, hehe


First to arrive: Patty Betita, Jeroen van Straten, Joris Spanhoff, Gerome Vizmanos

Patty, Jeroen, Joris, Gerome

Nikki Luna and Mikee Carrion

Nikki & Mikee Carrion

CJ Cruz, Rita Nazareno, Grace Velasco, Kevin Ching

CJ, Rita, Grace, Kevin

Denise Peralta, Mikko Sison, Tata Montilla

Denise, Mikko, Tata

Patrice Diaz, Patty Betita, Grace Velasco, Tina Tagle

Patrice, Patty, Grace, Tina

CJ Cruz and JP Singson

CJ Cruz and JP Singson

Behind the scenes, Margarita Forés’s team was busy plating (that’s Anna Lopez and Anthony Prudencio)

Behind the scenes

And they’re good to go

Food trays

With Margarita’s team, you get first class service

Behind the scenes

And dinner was served


Yodel Pe designed the logo. First course was dinner rolls, truffle pasta, and Caesar salad

Dinner is served

Can’t help but Instagram it

JP Singson

Second course was surf and turf: pan-roasted sea bass in a box with Lusso’s Entrecote Bearnaise, Malagos goat cheese potato torte, and buttered rice

Dinner is served

And for dessert there was creme brulee, caramel cupcake, lychee sorbet and customized Machiavelli chocolate in salted caramel

Dinner is served

My siblings played pusoy dos

Pusoy dos

Penny Ong and Rita Nazareno had some catching up to do

Penny, Rita, Grace

To be honest, I was not prepared for the cake that appeared. This has to be Anthony’s idea

Behind the scenes

I wished that Manny Pacquiao would win…

Blowing the candle

Later that night, Fumio Onishi took over the DJ booth

Fumio and Melvin

While Ryan and Garovs Vergara milled outside

Ryan and Garovs

My people: CJ Cruz, Jujiin Samonte and JP Singson

CJ Cruz, Jujiin Samonte, JP Singson

The highlight of my evening had to be Jujiin’s Comme des Garçons Mexican cowboy boots

Jujiin's shoes

Thanks to all for a wonderful evening, including those who worked behind the scenes.

Behind the scenes
Behind the scenes

And thank you Anthony Prudencio and Luther Abcede for the photos 🙂