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Xavier Dolan stars in Louis Vuitton campaign
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Gosh, who is this creature?
If Nick Rhodes had a baby, he would look like this.

Xavier Dolan for Louis Vuitton

Nick Rhodes, the keyboardist of Duran Duran. This was him in the ’80s, when guys wore makeup.

Nick Rhodes

He also has that John F. Kennedy Jr. vibe in this cap.

Xavier Dolan for Louis Vuitton

JFK Jr. back in the day.


Xavier Dolan is a chameleon.

Xavier Dolan for Louis Vuitton

I have yet to see his work. I remember him winning the Grand Prix in this year’s Cannes Film Festival for his film, Juste la fin du monde.

Xavier Dolan Cannes

Xavier Dolan is a 27-year-old Canadian film director, actor, voice actor, screenwriter, film producer, and film editor, who stars in this Louis Vuitton campaign by Kim Jones (style director of Louis Vuitton’s men’s ready-to-wear division), shot by Alasdair McLellan.

See all the looks HERE.

Louis Vuitton’s tribute to Christopher Nemeth
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I was probably 20 years old when I met Christopher Nemeth at his first shop in Tokyo called Sector.
It was the late ’80s. He apologized for having a bad cold as he sneezed into a tissue.
I remember being overwhelmed by the unpolished store and the Japanese kids that trickled in.
I bought the John Moore shoes, a Judy Blame hat, a John Galliano dress, and a Nemeth suit.
Through the years I made it a point to visit the shop whenever I was in Tokyo.

Nemeth store, Tokyo
Christopher Nemeth, Tokyo
Nemeth store, 2008

Nemeth store, 2009

Nemeth under renovation
Renovation, 2014

Christopher Nemeth

His wife Keiko has always been the shopgirl and their baby whom I saw as a baby, is all grown up.
That’s how old I am.

Mrs. Nemeth at Christopher Nemeth, Aoyama
Keiko Nemeth in 2012

Now Louis Vuitton pays tribute to Christopher Nemeth in its Men’s Fall/Winter 2015-2016 Collection.

Louis Vuitton tribute to Christopher Nemeth
Louis Vuitton tribute to Christopher Nemeth

“I think Christopher Nemeth is the most important designer to come out of London alongside Vivienne Westwood,” said Kim Jones, Men’s Artistic Director of Louis Vuitton.
“He is Savile Row, he is the street, he is the club. His designs define London. He trained as a fine artist and came into fashion from being an illustrator. I can see the influence of his work in so many collections, and yet it is not often acknowledged and still seems unknown to many. That’s why, as we approach the fifth anniversary of his death, I wanted to openly celebrate Christopher Nemeth’s life and work this season at Louis Vuitton.”

Louis Vuitton tribute to Christopher Nemeth
Louis Vuitton tribute to Christopher Nemeth

Christopher Louis Nemeth was born in 1959 in Birmingham, England. In 1979 he moved to London to study painting at Camberwell College of Arts. It was after college that Nemeth began making clothing for himself.
Self-taught in pattern cutting, he made use of use canvas he would paint on, as well as discarded sacks and old suiting. Each became distinct signatures of his ‘deconstructed’ style.

Louis Vuitton tribute to Christopher Nemeth
Louis Vuitton tribute to Christopher Nemeth

He was ‘discovered’ by photographer Mark Lebon who had seen the young artist riding his bicycle, wearing his self-made clothes. Mark Lebon was already a fixture in i-D and The Face, which were our ’80s bibles.
By this time, Christopher had started selling his clothes at Kensington Market.
In 1986 he moved to Tokyo, where his spirit of creativity and craftsmanship remain uncompromised until his death in 2010. He was 51.

Nemeth working

The new Louis Vuitton: a preview of things to come
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It was around 1997 when I purchased my first Louis Vuitton bag—an Amazone! It was the only thing I could afford at that time. It wasn’t until 2001 when Marc Jacobs created the Stephen Sprouse bags that I became officially obsessed. Takashi Murakami followed in 2002 and the love affair continued for a few more years until it became, well, tired.
I can’t tell you how many Louis Vuittons I’ve acquired. Many of them I have sold or given away, but I still keep some special ones.
Truthfully I haven’t found the brand that exciting, until they announced that Nicolas Ghesquière (formerly of Balenciaga) was taking over Marc Jacobs’ position as creative director of the house of Louis Vuitton.

Nicolas Ghesquière

Meanwhile my friends and I have been wondering what kind of change he can bring to the fashion house which had tuned American, pop, and J-Lo, under the direction of Marc Jacobs.
To answer our question, my friends, here’s a preview of things to come in Fall/Winter 2014-15.
A series of photographs, titled A Dozen Girls was recently photographed by Juergen Teller at the Louis Vuitton Headquarters in Paris.

Collection Prêt-à-porter Femme Automne Hiver 2014-15
A patchwork zipped leather coat is worn with a Silver Épi Petite-Malle in its removable cover

Collection Prêt-à-porter Femme Automne Hiver 2014-15
A leather knitted top is paired with and a printed moleskin skirt

Collection Prêt-à-porter Femme Automne Hiver 2014-15
A crocodile zipped coat is worn with a Monogram Petite-Malle

Collection Prêt-à-porter Femme Automne Hiver 2014-15
The beauty is in the details

Collection Prêt-à-porter Femme Automne Hiver 2014-15
Black patent leather boots

Collection Prêt-à-porter Femme Automne Hiver 2014-15
A brushed shetland coat with leather details and black patent leather belt is worn with an Alma bag in lambskin with diamonds drawing; a gold metal earring; signet ring and crystal rings; with black calf leather boots

Collection Prêt-à-porter Femme Automne Hiver 2014-15

To see more of the new Louis Vuitton collection, click HERE.

Haute Maroquinerie: a Louis Vuitton handbag for the elegant woman
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There’s haute couture (“high fashion” or “high dressmaking”) and there’s haute maroquinerie or “high leather goods.”
They say there are only 50 haute couture clients in the world, where the world’s richest women spend tens of thousands of dollars on a custom-made dress from Paris.
Now imagine spending a similar amount for a custom-made bag just for you, handmade in Louis Vuitton’s workshop in Asnières, France.
There’s no need to fly overseas to covet your own handbag as Louis Vuitton’s Haute Maroquinerie service becomes available in Manila for a very limited time.
I was able to preview the very exclusive service at the VIP room of the Greenbelt 4 shop in Makati.


There’s a special trunk containing all the leather samples, locks and finishes in many colors.


There are eight kinds of fine leathers ranging from the supple, the firm and exotic, plus a total of 27 colors to choose from—all of which can result in 40,000 possible combinations.


To get a better feel, you can browse through small binders containing swatches

Louis Vuitton  haute maroquinerie

The client can choose the shape, leather, color and finish she desires, enhanced by a personalized patch with the name of the owner, making each bag unique and distinct.


Also on display are actual handbags to give clients an idea on the bags’ design, size, and weight.
These include three handbag designs inspired by Louis Vuitton icons:

The Lockit
The Lockit

The Noé
The Noe

The Triangle
The Triangle

Plus two new shapes—the Neo Steamer
The Neo Steamer

and Milaris.
The Milaris

The Haute Maroquinerie collection demonstrates Louis Vuitton’s savoir-faire in creating the finest leather handbags with impeccable details, enhancing the House’s made-to-order service to a whole new level.
Once ordered, each handbag will take months up to a year to deliver.
Those interested can visit Louis Vuitton Greenbelt 4 only until February 23, 2014.