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Authentic Chinese and Indian food festivals at Hyatt City of Dreams Manila
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Hyatt brings two great Asian cuisines to their kitchens this coming June and July 2016.
From June 14-19, enjoy authentic flavors of Guangdong, China through dishes prepared by visiting Cantonese chefs Xi Qing Hui and Zhao Pan Fei.

Cantonese Food Festival at Hyatt COD

Then, from July 17-24, discover south Indian thali and other Indian delicacies when Chef Ajith Kumar of Hyatt Regency Gurgaon, New Delhi brings news spices and recipes to The Café.

Indian Food Festival at The Cafe, Hyatt City Of Dreams

The Café is the main dining space at Hyatt City of Dreams Manila, open 24 hours, with a 315 seating capacity, buffet stations and hot dishes prepared by experienced chefs in an interactive show-kitchen.
For reservations, call +632 691 1234, extension 1162 or click HERE.

Hyatt City of Dreams Café

Tried & Tested: Nivea’s in-shower skin conditioner
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HONG KONG—Hyatt Regency‘s bathrooms are chuva-approved!
It’s my second time to stay here. Location is at Hanoi Road in Tsim Sha Tsui, right across from Holiday Inn at Mody Road. Lobby isn’t great and you have to change elevators from street level to lobby to reach your room.
Room is clean and normal, but the bathrooms are minimalist and modern, just the way we like it.
One day I’ll have a shower and bath just like this—separate but in one stall.

Shower and bath

Counter sink is a must


Plus clean toilet


I ran out of moisturising soap, so I bought myself a big bottle of Nivea’s in-shower skin conditioner at Watsons.

Nivea skin conditioner

Nivea’s in-shower skin conditioner was recently launched in Manila for three skin types: dull, dry, and normal.


Skin conditioner works pretty much like hair conditioner.
When I was young we didn’t have hair conditioner at home, so I had many split ends. One of the things I liked to do in high school was to clip the split ends when the teacher wasn’t looking. Now we can’t live without hair conditioner!

One of the things I hate while traveling is what I call the “hotel itch”. That’s when my legs or back suddenly itch due to the aircon or change in weather, so applying lotion is a must.
Unfortunately I am too lazy to apply skin lotion everyday. Sometimes I remember, but most of the time I forget. Nivea’s in-shower skin conditioner works for me because I can shower with it, rinse, and it will leave a non-sticky moisturiser on my skin.
I do not recommend using it on the face though. I would still use a facial cleanser for that.
I tried and the skin conditioner felt a bit too oily for the face. For the rest of the body, it is perfect though.


How to use:
Use your regular body soap or shower gel. Then apply Nivea skin conditioner just like lotion on skin while in the shower. Rinse and towel off. I love it.
That said, I didn’t feel the “hotel itch” at all, and will continue to use this at home.
Nivea in-shower skin conditioner is now available in supermarkets and drug stores in the Philippines. Find them on the shelves, along with traditional body moisturisers. And read the label carefully for the words “in-shower”—you might confuse the packaging for Nivea lotions.

Home away from home: the Grand Hyatt Singapore
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It’s wonderful when you find your home away from home. In Tokyo, I prefer the Peninsula. In Singapore, it’s pretty much the Grand Hyatt.
I didn’t use to like this place so much, but when the Ion Orchard mall opened right across from it, the location suddenly became very OK.
Prior to finding this place home, I preferred the Mandarin Orchard for location and the famous overpriced Chatterbox chicken rice, which I love.

Chatterbox chicken rice

I also used to like the Quincy, but the place has gotten old. They really need to renovate.
But all things considered, I love the Grand Hyatt Singapore because of its design.
To further prove my point, last year I saw Tyler Brûlé and the Monocle team here.

Tyler Brule and Co.

I’ve heard a couple of people say the Grand Hyatt rooms and bathrooms suck, but I did not see it at all during this trip or or last year.
The bed is nice and comfy, and the thermostat is really easy to control. I love the convenience of the nightstands with the two shelves.
We didn’t really use the office corner because there were plugs everywhere. We could use the fast Internet while in bed.

Grand Hyatt Singapore

This nice chair ended up as my husband’s sabitan (rack) of used clothes because Euroboys like to recycle their clothes 🙂

Grand Hyatt Singapore

The TV was not complicated

Grand Hyatt Singapore

Sliding doors open up to a marbled bathroom, which is chuva-approved.

Grand Hyatt Singapore

It has a bathtub and separate shower stall

Grand Hyatt Singapore

Enclosed toilet, thank you very much

Grand Hyatt Singapore

Dressing table—how convenient

Grand Hyatt Singapore

Spacious counter sink—a must for me

Grand Hyatt Singapore

And a closet that opens from inside and outside the bathroom. No need to run out for pieces of clothing.

Grand Hyatt Singapore

The only thing I don’t really like was the food. Room service sucked. But I did enjoy the cereal-crusted KFC with Hainanese chicken rice my hubby bought next door. How convenient! Though I wish I had discovered this earlier on the first day. I could eat this everyday.

KFC golden cereal crunch

Please try when in Singapore.

KFC golden cereal crunch

Déjà Vu
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My son Ben, 11, asks the most curious questions.
When he was little he asked me, “Mommy, when you were a kid, did you use feathers to write?”


“No Ben, Mommy’s not that old. We had pens and pencils.”
Another time: “Mommy, when you were a kid, were people black and white?”

Lola Paying and I
Mama and her friends

“No Ben, some were sepia. (just kidding!!) We had color. Only TVs, movies, and pictures were black and white.”

Then one night Ben says, “Mommy, why do I feel like this happened already?”
“What happened?” I ask him.
“You and me sitting here. It happens to me sometimes. Like something that’s happening happened already.”
“Ben, that’s what they call Déjà Vu—the feeling that something already happened.”
Hard to explain.

Back in the ’80s, during one of those summers, my family was staying at the Hyatt Terraces Baguio

Hyatt Terraces Baguio

I was a scrawny little kid with glasses and curly hair. I remember grabbing a hairbrush, standing on the bed while facing the mirror and lipsyncing this song on the cassette player. I closed my eyes, feeling the moment.
You could say I was already a gay man at that time…

I was halfway through the song when I opened my eyes and saw a roomboy/housekeeper standing by the door and holding a stacking of towels with his mouth hanging open.
I swear to God, I wanted the earth to swallow me up like Ricky Lo interviewing Anne Hathaway.
I don’t remember what I did to get out of that situation, but I survived. And now whenever Déjà Vu comes to mind I think of a hairbrush, a bed, and a roomboy with a stack of towels….