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First look: Happy Skin’s 23-piece collaboration with Sanrio
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Growing up in the ’80s, all girls were obsessed with Sanrio.
I remember having an “arms race” with my classmate Anna Zosa over Hello Kitty items—from matching pencil cases to aprons.
I don’t know about Anna, but I still haven’t outgrown these cute things.

Now Sanrio fans who are all grown up will be pleased to know Happy Skin is launching a 23-piece makeup collection featuring Hello Kitty, Little Twinstars and My Melody.
I recently met up with Happy Skin co-founder Rissa Mananquil-Trillo who showed me the entire collection over drinks at the Peninsula.

“It was an honor to meet Mrs. Yuki Tsuji last March at the Sanrio Licensing presentation,” said Rissa. “She’s the wife of the late Mr. Hunihiko Tsuji who had the vision to take Sanrio outside Japan. There’s so much love for Sanrio characters around the world because of him,” she said.

The collection includes products for face, skin and nails.
“We studied the personalities of Hello Kitty, My Melody, and Little Twin Stars in great detail, so what you will see from the products’ packaging to the shade of the makeup to even the names of the shades communicate who they truly are,” said Happy Skin co-founder Jacqe Yuengtian Gutierrez.

The collection includes two blushes with a handy mini-brush (Php 899)

Happy Skin x Sanrio
Happy Skin x Sanrio

Two sponges (both Php 499, including two small twin ones)

Happy Skin x Sanrio
Happy Skin x Sanrio
Happy Skin x Sanrio

Make A Clean Sweep Micellar Makeup Wipes (at Php 249—a first for Happy Skin)

Happy Skin x Sanrio

Blotting sheets (Php 175)

Happy Skin x Sanrio

I’m a minimalist, so I really liked the nude nail polish.
The Sanrio Characters Express Gel Polish (Php 299) comes in five shades: Red Apple, Purr-fect, Peaches & Cream, Curious Kiki and Lala Love.
You can buy individually or in a boxed set of five at Php 1,299—perfect for gift-giving.

Happy Skin x Sanrio nail polish

Of course, a Happy Skin collection wouldn’t be complete without the brand’s famous lip products:
Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippies (Php 599)
Moisturizing Matte Lippies (Php 699)

Happy Skin x Sanrio

and Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Matte Lippies (Php 699).

Happy Skin x Sanrio

There are seven new shades:

Hello, Hello Kitty
Sanrio Lip Swatches_Hello Hello Kitty

Best of Friends
Sanrio Lip Swatches_Best of Friends

Kitty Cat
Sanrio Lip Swatches_Kitty Cat

Flower Power
Sanrio Lip Swatches_Flower Powerj

Berry Good
Sanrio Lip Swatches_Berry Good

Twinkle Twinkle
Sanrio Lip Swatches_Twinkle Twinkle

and Star Wand—all in character packaging.
Sanrio Lip Swatches_Star Wand

There are also lipstick sets—perfect for the holiday season, and packed in reusable cute Sanrio boxes. (Php 1299)

Happy Skin x Sanrio
Happy Skin x Sanrio
Happy Skin x Sanrio

Get them first as the Happy Skin x Sanrio Characters collection becomes available for pre-selling from this September 11 to 13 at and
To know more, follow Happy Skin on Instagram @happyskin_ph and Facebook.

What happened at Beauty & The Beast x Happy Skin screening
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I’ve been taking it easy this 2017, laying low and just waiting for things to unfold, choosing which invitations to attend.
Beauty & The Beast was the one movie I’d been anticipating since last year, so I was very excited to be invited to an advanced screening hosted by Happy Skin Cosmetics in collaboration with Disney.

Happy Skin invitation

I don’t have daughters so I didn’t mind that the invite is for one person only. Luckily my friend Dinna was also invited.
After a quick lunch, we went to Uptown Mall’s VIP Cinema and saw this TV screen.

Happy Skin x Beauty & The Beast screening

Happy Skin really knows how to throw a party, and has obviously good relations with Disney.

Happy Skin x Beauty & The Beast screening

I’m not supposed to eat sweets this Lent, but this spread looked so good

Happy Skin x Beauty & The Beast screening

Okay. Just one cupcake then. The buttercream icing was delish!

Happy Skin x Beauty & The Beast screening

Happy Skin founders Jaque Gutierrez and Rissa Trillo hosted the event

Jaque and Rissa of Happy Skin

I’ve been to Uptown Mall BGC many times because of Shaburi but I’d never been to the cinema. Their VIP cinema is first class all the way!! I am really impressed. These seats recline fully with so much leg room.

Uptown Mall VIP cinema

There’s a personal side table with snacks. It includes a night light and a popcorn/soda button.
For me, it’s the best cinema in town!

Uptown Mall VIP cinema

We had to surrender our phones before the movie, so here’s the trailer instead.

The casting was almost perfect. Didn’t know Emma Watson could sing really well. She starts out plain-looking but somehow transforms as the movie progresses.

Beauty & The Beast still photos

I think she comes across as an actress with substance, just like Belle in the movie

Beauty & The Beast still photos

Kevin Kline plays her kawawa but loving father…

Beauty & The Beast still photos

But Luke Evans is the most perfectly casted actor as the walking douchebag, Gaston.

Beauty & The Beast still photos

I can’t imagine why they would take a beautiful man like Ewan McGregor of Trainspotting and transform him into this unrecognizable caricature….

Ewan McGregor Ewan McGregor

But the most disappointing casting for me was the Beast, played by Dan Stevens of Downton Abbey.

Beauty & The Beast still photos

I don’t watch Downton Abbey so I don’t know Dan Stevens. I was hoping to feel “kilig” upon the big reveal at the end, but I was disappointed. Sorry but he doesn’t look dreamy. He looked so unmasculine….
You just have to watch.
I was really impressed by the animation. You really forget you’re watching an animated film.
The familiar songs are really nice, with some new tunes added.
The movie is two hours long. Make sure to go to the restroom before the movie starts so you don’t miss a thing. But most of all, please try to watch at Uptown Mall’s VIP Cinema. It’s so worth it.
Beauty & The Beast is showing in theaters this March 17, 2017.

Buy Happy Skin x Beauty & The Beast collection at

Happy Skin presents Beauty & the Beast lippies
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Beauty and The Beast, which I first saw in 1991, is my favorite Disney animation of all time, that’s why I’m excited to watch the Beauty and The Beast movie tomorrow at a special screening hosted by Happy Skin Cosmetics.

Beauty & The Beast Beauty & The Beast

Happy Skin is even more excited to present their Beauty and The Beast collection to coincide with the movie’s release.

Beauty & The Beast by Happy Skin

When Disney chose to collaborate with skin-caring makeup brand Happy Skin last year, the reaction to the Disney Princess-inspired makeup collection was nothing short of overwhelming.
The limited edition products, expected to last for a whole year, were nearly wiped out of Happy Skin counters in just a couple of months.
“Even during our pre-selling of the Princess-inspired lippies, we set a record at online retail giant Zalora. Stocks were sold out in half a day!” said Happy Skin co-founder Rissa Mananquil-Trillo.

Now Happy Skin presents two new lip products:
Happy Skin x Beauty and the Beast Moisturizing Matte Lip Kit (Php 1,199) and Happy Skin x Disney Beauty and the Beast Liquid Matte Lipstick (P699)

Happy Skin x Beauty & The Beast
Liquid Lipstick Swatch
Liquid lipstick swatch

Lip Liner Swatch
Lip liner swatch

Both contain Happy Skin’s trademark Cupuaçu Butter that hydrates lips like no other.
These complement Happy Skin’s Enchanted Rose Luminous Mesh Blush (Php 899), available in pink or peach

Happy Skin x Beauty & The Beast

and the Tale As Old As Time Brightening Powder Foundation (Php 1,499) available in soft beige or natural beige.

Happy Skin x Beauty & The Beast

Be the first to buy as pre-selling starts at on March 13, 2017. This collection can only be shipped within the Philippines.
Happy Skin x Disney Beauty and the Beast will be available in Happy Skin stores on March 16th.
To find a location near you, click HERE.

Happy Skin launches sun care line
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Just in time for summer, Happy Skin creators Rissa Trillo and Jacqe Gutierrez, are launching sun care products.
The pretty business partners visited me at home (Rissa is a neighbor) to show me their latest Catch The Sun gel cream and spray mist.

Rissa and Jacqe
L-R: Rissa Mananquil Trillo and Jacqe Gutierrez

It took them about two years to develop, considering what Filipinas want and don’t want in a sun protection product.
“They don’t want anything sticky or heavy,” said Jacqe. “They don’t want anything with a white cast—which makes you look pale and ashen in photographs.”
The reason why Happy Skin products won’t give you a white cast is because they don’t contain titanium dioxide and zinc.
After rigorous product development and testing, Happy Skin’s first ever sun care line, Catch the Sun, is finally here.

Happy Skin Catch The Sun

Catch the Sun Brightening UV Gel Cream SPF 40 PA+++ (Php 999) is a watery gel cream that protects against UV rays and doubles as an anti-urban pollution screen.
It is lightweight, non-sticky, and delivers a matte finish.
“Because of Moringa Seed Oil, our UV gel cream shields skin from pollution and free radicals that accelerate aging and skin stress,” explains Rissa. “The innovative water-based gel formula also makes it weightless and non-greasy, so you can wear it alone or as a makeup base.”

Happy Skin Catch The Sun

Sun protection is only one of the benefits of Catch the Sun’s Brightening UV Gel Cream SPF 40 PA+++. It also protects users from environmental pollutants such as cigarette smoke and air pollution.
“Everyday life exposes us to pollutants like car emissions, industrial gas, and cigarette smoke. They may be invisible, but exposure to such pollutants, even just six hours a day, is enough to cause skin irritation, dull skin tone and, yes, accelerated skin aging. Sunscreen alone is not enough,” said Rissa.

Personally, I’m loving the Sun On the Go Hydrating UV Mist SPF 35 PA++ (Php 699), which is basically a spray-on sunblock. You can even spray it on top of your makeup for a double purpose of sunscreen plus setting spray.

Happy Skin Catch The Sun

“What makes the formula different from the rest is its unique makeup fit polymer, which adheres to the skin and prevents makeup from coming off. It’s perfect to use before makeup as a first layer of sun defense, or over makeup to create an instant protective shield without ruining your look,” said Rissa.
Both Catch the Sun products were developed without colorants, mineral oil or parabens. The products are so mild that Rissa even uses them on her two little girls Celestia and Audra.

Pre-selling now at
To find a Happy Skin store near you, click HERE.
Follow Happy Skin on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter ​​@happyskin_ph.