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WINNERS: Belo Baby talc-free powder giveaway
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Thanks for more than 450 entries to my latest giveaway sponsored by #BeloBaby.
Three winners were chosen via Those who correctly followed instructions were:

Jaclyn Lara Pugay of Rosario, Cavite
Angie Lyn Mariano of Malabon City
Glorianne Lotho of Santa Ana, Manila

They will each receive a pink train case filled with #BeloBaby products, including three tubs of talc-free baby powder.

Pink bags
Belo baby products
Belo baby powder
Belo baby powder

Winners please check your email for verification and I’ll send your prizes to you.
Watch our for my next giveaway!! It is all about gadgets!


Giveaway: Why #BeloBaby’s talc-free powder is the choice of caring moms
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Growing up in the ‘70s, we used to get all sweaty running around, playing both indoors and outdoors.
It was normal to see a yaya running after her ward, with the intent of placing a small towel between the child’s sweaty shirt and back. T-shirts would be changed, but not before toweling off and dusting with baby powder.
When I was younger, using baby powder meant talcum powder.
At that time nobody cared.

Hemady kids
No internet: Playing outdoors in the ’70s with my siblings and cousins. I’m the kid in white shoes.

When my nephew Mickey was born in 1990, I remember his pediatrician telling his parents not to use powder on the baby. It was the first time I heard a doctor say that.
Most powders were made with talc, which is a mineral.
As a powder, it absorbs moisture well and cuts down on friction, helping keep skin dry and prevent rashes.
But in its natural form, talc contains asbestos. That’s why the use of talcum powder has been linked to certain cancers.
Now moms can thank Belo Baby for making talc-free powder that is all natural, with 0% harmful chemicals.
Watch this!

#BeloBaby Talc-Free Powder is made from finely milled rice and maize (a special corn) powders that leave skin fresh and soft.
Best of all, it’s formulated without talc.
Finely milled rice and maize have bigger particles than talcum powder. That means they are less likely to be inhaled or absorbed into the body via inhalation or swallowing.
#BeloBaby TaIc-Free Powder is “crafted with care for the most delicate skin, for the most meticulous moms.”
I also love the packaging.

Belo baby powder

Find them at leading supermarkets and department stores nationwide.
Or buy online at

Now just because you’ve read up to here, you can join my giveaway!
I’m giving away three pink train cases filled with Belo Baby products.

Pink bags

You’ll get all these #BeloBaby products, and I’ll ship them to any address in the Philippines.

Belo baby products

It includes three tubs of Belo Baby talc-free powder!

Belo baby powder

How to join:
1) You must have a Philippine address and an Instagram account.
2) Make sure your Instagram account is unlocked.
3) Follow @belobabylove on Instagram.
4) Make an Instagram post about my giveaway at and use the hashtag #ChuvaxBeloBabyPowder.
5) Don’t forget to tag @chuvaness and @belobaby.
6) Register HERE.

1) Promo period is from June 2-8, 2017, after which three winners will be chosen electronically via
2) Make sure your Instagram account is unlocked so I can check your entry/post. If your account is locked, your entry is invalid.
3) The winners will be informed via email or text to verify their shipping address. Winners will also be posted at If I don’t hear back from you, I’ll just choose another winner via

To know more about Belo Baby, go to or follow them on Facebook.

Waiting is not a bad thing
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I didn’t make it to my Belo appointment because the maid used the driver to buy bread without telling me. While waiting for the driver to come back, I got three calls from the Belo Shang clinic asking where we were. I tried to explain that sorry we are on our way, but you know how Pinoys are, you get a 15-minute grace period, and if you’re not there, sorry ka na lang. Never mind if you’re a good or potentially good customer).

I got so pissed I don’t think I can ever show my face there again. But why does it have to come to this?
In this day and age of horrible Manila traffic, there should be some humanity when a customer begs for you not to cancel their appointment.
How many times have I waited for my turn at a doctor’s clinic, say, at St. Luke’s or Medical City?
If you’re on time, you usually have to wait for your turn. If you’re late you still have to wait anyway because that’s life. Things and emergencies do happen. Traffic happens.

In Tokyo where people are incredibly polite, they always say, お待たせしました (Omataseshimashita) or thank you for waiting. In Roppongi, I was surprised when an Uber driver waited for us for ten minutes when we couldn’t find him, instead of cancelling our trip.
When we were late for our reservation at our favorite Barbacoa restaurant, I was afraid we would lose our table. But nobody cancelled our reservation and it remains our favorite restaurant.
We try not to be late but things do happen especially if you’re managing teenagers.

Barbacoa Roppongi
Love this place

So yes, I’m still home and tomorrow I’ll take my kids to Dr. Murad at Shang instead. We will not be late. I hope the kids like the service there.

Belo Medical Group is top Botox and Juvederm clinic in the Philippines
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As far as Botox and Juvederm dermatological fillers are concerned, Belo Medical Group once again proves they’re on top of the game, as Dr. Vicki Belo, Founder and CEO of Belo Medical Group, recently received an award from Allergan Healthcare Philippines for being the number one account for Botox and Juvederm in the country.

Vicki Belo receives Allergan award

Dr. Belo received the recognition from Marcus Tan, Business Unit Head for Facial Aesthetics and Neuroscience of Singapore Malaysia and Philippines, Yinyee Tai, Senior Marketing Manager for Botox, Jiamin Chung, Medical Manager for Facial Aesthetics and Ceejay Jornacion, Sales Manager.
The awarding was held last week at the Marco Polo Hotel in Ortigas.

Vicki Belo receives Allergan award
L-R: Jia Min Chiung, Medical Affairs Manager for Facial Aesthetics of Allergan, Dr. Raj Acquilla, Global Key Opninion Leader and Master Class Trainor for Facial Aesthetics, Marcus Tan, Yinyee Tai.

These recognitions are a testament to Belo’s unparalleled medical expertise in the field of beauty.
Belo Medical doctors undergo training both internationally and locally as specialists from around the world go to Belo to train its doctors.
Dr. Raj Aquilla, Masterclass Trainer, UK Ambassador and Global Key Opinion Leader in Facial Medical Aesthetics was also in town to train Belo doctors.

Vicki Belo receives Allergan awardL-R: Zsa Zsa Padilla, Dr. Vicki Belo and DJ Tony Toni of Boys Night Out

In order to be globally recognized, Belo Medical Group is equipped with only the best medical practices, services and technologies from around the world.
To know more about their services, go to