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Commercial muna: Here are the Doña Maria “Level Up Your Rice” winners
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Last March 11, we posted a contest sponsored by Doña Maria rice where winners would get cash prizes, gift packs, and a chance to meet Alden Richards.
Contestants were invited to create a dish using Doña Maria rice and post them in their Instagram accounts.

Here are the three lucky winners who will each get Php 10,000 cash, Doña Maria rice, and a VIP pass to meet Alden Richards:

Doña Maria winners

Nine minor prize winners will get Php 5,000 cash and Doña Maria rice:

Doña Maria winners

Plus one more special award goes to @cookieandrei, who sent this entry:

andrea mae olivar

Winners, please check your DMs via Instagram.
Thank to everyone who took time to create amazing dishes using Doña Maria Rice!
For more information, go to

Repost: Level up your rice and meet Alden Richards!
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Doña Maria Rice welcomes Alden Richards as their newest endorser!
To celebrate this, Doña Maria is giving away cash prizes, Doña Maria rice and a VIP pass to meet Alden Richards.

Alden Richards

How to join:
1) You must have an Instagram account (not private).
2) Buy Doña Maria rice and cook something appetizing. Take a picture that includes the dish and Doña Maria rice packaging in the photo.
3) In your caption, say how Doña Maria Rice has changed your dining experience with your family.
4) Don’t forget to tag @DONAMARIARICE and use hashtags #DonaMariaRice #LevelUpYourRice #PremiumQualityRice

There will be 9 minor prize winners of Php 5,000 cash and Doña Maria rice.
There will be 3 major prize winners of Php 10,000 cash, Doña Maria rice, and a VIP pass to meet Alden Richards.

Contest runs until March 31, 2016.
Doña Maria will choose and announce the winners on @OfficialTimYap and @PhoemelaBaranda Instagram accounts.
To know more, go to

Sting/Alden/Gloria: Nasaan ang hustisya?
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In Eat Bulaga they often say, “Nasaan ang hustiya?” (Where is justice?) whenever actor Alden Richards still looks good even when he’s crying, covered in garbage, or completely drenched.

Alden Richards

I guess he’s not a regular human being. Just like Gloria Vanderbilt who looks this good at 91 next to her beautiful son, Anderson Cooper, now 48. How is this even possible???

Gloria Vanderbilt and Anderson Cooper

Last Thursday night we were completely floored when we saw Sting for the first time ever, at the Marriott Grand Ballroom in a concert with Chris Botti.
Listen, Sting is not my type. I have never ever checked him out in my life. But things change when you get older. You appreciate older men and get embarrassed to like Zayn Malik, who is half your age.
You appreciate wisdom and kindness. Or in Sting’s case, incredible talent.
Not to mention he looks so good at 64, it’s unreal. He looks so fit and dresses appropriately for his age, without looking dated.
He first came out in a jacket over leather pants, which he removed to reveal a fitted basic grey T-shirt, which he probably has twenty of.


Check out his waist, back, and hips.

Sting in Manila

Tell me: Nasaan ang hustisya??

Sting in Manila

OK fine, he has a receding hairline. But gosh, what the hell is his diet and workout like? Some people said, macrobiotic diet + tantric yoga. Whatever that means. It makes me depressed but at the same time inspired to look as good when I’m in my 60s, I hope.


Not only that. His voice sounds as smooth and velvety as ever, as if he never aged—except for the hair and the slight lines on his face. But he doesn’t need Botox or ThermiLift. He really aged well.
Without Googling, I would have guessed him in his 50s.
He was amazing. So sorry, we completely forgot about Chris Botti. Listen to his voice.

Going back to Alden, the young actor was in a car accident this afternoon. I was in shock when Dinna sent me pictures of his car with the unmistakable plate number of Richard Faulkerson Jr. (his real name).

Alden car accident

Well thank God he and his assistant Tenten are OK, except for minor scratches on Alden’s arms.

Alden car accident

Thank God the airbags protected his face. Just look at him on the sidewalk after the accident—he still looks good!
As they would say in Eat Bulaga, “Nasaan ang hustisya?”

Alden car accident

Alden Richards gives back
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“Why is he going to the Aetas again? Is this a Land Rover sponsorship?” I asked Dinna when she told me she was going to accompany the Philippines’ hottest young actor to the boon docks.
“No he’s not an endorser. He’s going to distribute care packages to the Aetas for his birthday because he wants to,” said Dinna. “He’s not getting paid.”
To clarify, Alden Richards did not want media coverage. Except for GMA News and because we invited ourselves 🙂
So Dinna spent an overnight at Residencia Romero in San Fernando, Pampanga, along with GMA Network’s Senior Assistant Vice President Gigi Santiago Lara, our friend Mark Sablan of GMA Artist Center and other GMA staff, to help Alden Richards fulfil his wish to give back to others. Here’s what happened:

Alden Richards in Tarlac

By Dinna Vasquez

For his 24th birthday, Alden Richards wanted a meaningful celebration. Thanks to his cousin April Peñaranda, the event—though held a month after his birthday—turned out the way he wanted.
When April (whom Alden describes as his “chief of staff”) asked what he wanted to do for his birthday, Alden said he wanted to reach out to others in a way that he hadn’t done so before.

“He’s not the type to celebrate with a lavish party. He’s a simple person. So when I asked RJ (Alden’s nickname) what he wanted to do for his birthday, his answer was to do outreach. From there I only had one place in mind. I thought, why not take him to a place where people won’t recognize him—I assumed, but I was wrong! He’s been involved with several institutions, but Bamban, Tarlac is a special place for me and I wanted to share that with him,” said April.

Alden Richards in Tarlac
Alden with his cousin April in Tarlac

Two years ago, April met Marc Soong of Land Rover Philippines at a mutual friend’s wedding. Later on, Marc invited April to help distribute goods in Tarlac.
“I didn’t know what I was up for, but that trip changed me,” she said.

On February 5, a group headed by Gigi Santiago Lara of GMA Artist Center headed for San Fernando, Pampanga, with goods donated mostly by companies endorsed by Alden Richards. These include Doña Maria Premium Quality Rice, PhilPlans, Tide, Downy, Gard shampoo, Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate, Sweet Kiss Custom Cakes, Datu Puti, McDonald’s, Hapee Toothpaste, and others.
At Residencia Romero, they repacked the goods for over 800 Aetas. Alden and his team arrived at midnight.


On February 6, the group, with the help of Marc Soong, the Land Rover Club of the Philippines, and Pampanga Off Roaders Club Inc., set out for Sitio Gayaman in Bamban, Tarlac at 5:30 in the morning for the outreach.
Alden drove a Land Rover Discovery Sport, on loan from Land Rover Philippines, to the site.


Everyone was excited to meet Alden, contrary to April’s belief that nobody would recognize her cousin. Some of the kids were wearing “Kalyeserye” shirts.
Comedian Tess Bomb hosted the program while Pastor Rico from Gayaman Hope Sungnae Presbyterian Church gave the opening remarks.
A highlight of the program was a surprise dance number by the Aetas. Alden was so touched that he jumped right in and danced with them. He also posed for photos with members of the Aeta community.


The fun morning ended with donations and giveaways which Alden personally distributed to children and adults composed of 350 families within the Aeta community. Apart from personally distributing the goods, Alden also donated money to help the Aeta community. Some of the items that were given out were rice, salt, sugar, coffee, soy sauce, vinegar, toiletries, shoes, bags, biscuits and kids’ apparel. Alden’s fans, who are known as the Aldenatics, also donated goods for the families.


According to Alden, he chose to help Sitio Gayaman because not a lot of people know about the plight of the Aetas within the isolated community and he hopes that the outreach program will open people’s eyes to the situation there. Located on the mountain peaks of Tarlac, most of the houses don’t even have electricity or enough food to sustain their daily needs.
“I am definitely doing this again next year,” said Alden.