Streak of bad luck
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July 2016 is a horror story.
Sorry if this sounds like a haphazard post but I just came back from the hospital. I am exhausted.

1) It started when I experienced leg, lower back, hip, and buttock pains after training in the gym about 3 weeks ago. The pain wouldn’t go away. One week later I tested for UTI and got antibiotics. A week later my urine culture was clear but I still experienced pain.
I saw my OB-Gyne and had an ultrasound and Pap smear — both OK.
I saw a gastroenterologist and had my colonoscopy today. I’m OK!!
But I still have pain. Hoping it will go away soon. Do you think it is old age?

2) Last Sunday my phone “disappeared” at the Shangri-La Mall and I don’t know why. Places I visited were Belo clinic, National Bookstore, Marks & Spencer food section, and Zara. I think I may have lost it in Zara.

3) And now I get a call from a credit card company. Apparently somebody has been going on a shopping spree in the US with my credit card. I have never been to Panda Express, ever. I don’t have a Sprint phone. I have not been to a Walmart store since 2008.
I swear the caller and I even had a discussion about Walmart and Waltermart. He kept saying the card was used at Waltermart, and I said, OK that’s in Makati?? Yun pala it’s Walmart!! #confused #kainez

4) Oh, and last week, I got bullied by hundreds of Aldub fans, but I don’t want to discuss it. You can check my Instagram to get an idea.
It was so bad it even appeared in a tabloid. Luckily I am friends with the owners of Inquirer, so I was able to ask for a correction. The bullying stopped after that. Thank God.

Thank God July is almost over. I’m just grateful my medicals are OK. Hoping and praying my pains go away and my Eastwest dispute is settled cause that hacker, medyo garapal ha!! Shopping everyday. Greedy!!
Dear God, quota na ako this July. Please help and shield me from all evil.

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