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I used to think stuffed toys were for kids, but some time in the ’80s, I was toured around designer Paolo Basa’s home and saw a cute little teddy bear on his beautiful bed. It looked like an old bear that had been loved for years.
I happen to love bears. So when I saw this cute little bear at the Jean-Paul Hevin chocolate store in Hong Kong, I just had to take it home.

Jean Paul Hevin bear

The bear sleeps on my bed. Add this to the Peninsula Bear I got in Hong Kong in 2005, which the boys claimed as their own.

Yay for Peninsula bear

Last week I found the agn├ęs b. bear at the IFC mall in Hong Kong. I had to have that too. So cute!!


Then I took a picture of them together and I got scared.


I’m scared because when I saw the bears together, I thought, I don’t wanna be one of those people who collect things like clowns. Yikes!! No offence, but the idea is so Kuya Germs.


No offence, but I’m scared of people who collect clowns or figurines or thimbles or refrigerator magnets.

Clown Collection
Clowns on Stage

Afraidy Aguilar!!

Yikes! I just saw the Cathay Pacific bear. Stop me! #afraid!!

Cathay Pacific bear

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