50 Shades of National Bookstore
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I feel so blessed to have National Bookstore as a sponsor, or should I say, benefactor?
That means I get invited to book signings, receive autographed copies of books, plus wonderful swag and gift checks that I can use to my heart’s content.
National Bookstore is my wasteland. I’m happy when I get to share the joy with friends and family once in a blue moon.
Today after buying new shoes at Payless and an early dinner at Pepper Lunch, my five-year-old son wanted to buy a Lego book. So off we were to National Bookstore with Ate Mariza and the nanny.
First, I found this really funny. With the elections coming up, I don’t know which politician would actually use these 🙂

At National Bookstore

Ate Mariza and Yaya Joan wanted to buy pocketbooks, which they share with everyone in the household, including the neighbors’ maids. I told them to choose 10 each.

Mariza at National Bookstore

I was kind of surprised to find these: 50 Shades of Grey in freaking Tagalog!

50 shades of Tagalog?

I should’ve opened it just to see how “butt plug” and “nipple clamps” would translate in Filipino.
And no, I didn’t show it to our maid. Here’s what they ended up getting:

Maids' books

Don’t know if this is a good idea…

Sexy Bodyguard

Here’s what Christian got—he is a super hyper baby

Hyper Christian

And my loot: the latest Yes! magazine, Chanel book

Yes mag and Chanel

Plus The Happiness Project book and journal

The Happiness Project

The latter is a gratitude journal, where today I will write: “Had a fun time at National Bookstore…”

Inside the Happiness Project

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