Spotted at Manila FAME
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Well thank God they gave me authority to take pictures at Manila FAME (and thanks Kathy for dropping off the invites!)


In the past I found it useless to blog about Manila FAME because we weren’t allowed to take photos.
The first thing I did after visiting Rita Nazareno’s booth was have merienda with Mich Dulce at Via Mare.
I didn’t realize Via Mare had the best pancit luglog in town! I ended up there because Cibo was nowhere to be found, which was a disappointment.
Via Mare serves mostly Filipino food, so I thought about the foreign buyers who had to eat.
Then again, there were hardly any foreigners at the trade show.
Maybe I saw less than 20 foreigners, including Josie Natori and company

Josie Natori & co.

Also spotted: Angel Aquino

Angel Aquino
Mich Dulce and Erwin Romulo

Mich and Erwin

On the way up I saw my mom’s favorite designer, Cesar Gaupo.

Cesar Gaupo

Stopped by Joyce Makitalo’s booth

Katy Perry wearing Joyce Makitalo

Saw cool mats

Native handwoven mats

and oh, The Village People are coming back

Village People

Okay, Precious Moments come from the Philippines and I love cute belens.

Precious Moments

Despite the Press ID, someone stopped me from taking more pictures of Iñigo Elizalde’s work

Iñigo Elizalde

I’m a fan of Chrysara!


Thanks to Kissa McDermott I was able to buy some stuff for my apartment,


Specifically some doll heads which freaked out Liza Ilarde


Funny, I never thought of baby heads as creepy. Maybe these are…


At the center of it all is Kenneth Cobonpue

Kenneth Cobonpue

My sister is lucky to have these cork stools at home

Kenneth Cobonpue stools

Brangelina’s bedKris Aquino’s bed (she has it in pink!)

Kenneth Cobonpue bed

Kenneth was being photographed

Kenneth Cobonpue

He looked like a star next to this lovely yellow chair

Kenneth Cobonpue

Ito Kish was next door, on his Gregoria chair

Ito Kish

His lamps were a bestseller

Ito Kish

Elsewhere, I spotted this cute bench with planter

Bench and planter

Kamagong night stands

Side tables

I loved the super tall Locsin chairs snapped up by a Dutch buyer

Locsin International
Triboa Bay also has a nice shop at LRI Design Plaza in Makati

Triboa Bay

I love this wooden thingy—thanks to Candy Dizon for this photo.


Each of us has a different eye that sees different things. See more of what Candy saw at Manila FAME in her blog.

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