Sosy Problems, the movie
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Watch the trailer and see if you agree:
1. Doesn’t GMA Network have an HD version of this trailer?

2) Coño #1: Scary bag 🙁
3) Coño #2: I can understand brushing teeth with Evian. But how can she do it chilled water? #notfun
4) Coño #3: The shoes.
5) Cono #4: Looks convincing. But even if there’s no Internet where they’re at, surely she must have a 3G phone with data plan?
6) Try using your cellphone after stepping out of a helicopter. I don’t know if you can hear anything.
7) Listen to Cherie Gil pronounce “snakeskin buh-kin bag”. #fannoying
8) Ruffa looks fab! Let’s watch!
9) Wala man lang official website??
10) Wala ba talagang HD??

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