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I see myself in my friend Penny Ngu because we both think we’re fat and hide behind loose clothes. She likes Marni, I like Comme des Garçons.
You will never see Penny carrying an It bag. Something about her quiet elegance I can relate to.
She owns many clothing stores, among them Madison at Rockwell, the Apple & Eve chain and a lot more.
I like that she prefers to be anonymous than out there. She has her bakya side that Ginggay and I tease her about. She’s a devoted mother of five.
Penny was really nervous about being chosen as one of Preview magazine’s Best Dressed this year.
She was BBMing me the whole time during her shoot.
“Who’s your photog?” I needed to know, first and foremost.
“Lilen Uy.”
“You’re in good hands Penny. Don’t worry.”
I have never met Lilen Uy, but I remember names when it comes to good work.
Here’s Penny in her Preview shots. She kind of looks like a young Tina M.


To be honest, she will kill me for posting these.


Penny bought an issue of Preview when it came out but refused to open it. So I bought one at National Bookstore, ripped it open and checked for her. “OMG it looks amazing,” I called her.
Penny locked herself in the bathroom to look and was relieved to see the results.
I know she had a difficult time during the shoot as I always do.


Also in the issue is my personal bet, Keri Zamora, my cousin’s lovely wife who knows what she wants and gets it. She doesn’t follow trends, only her own, and always wears the best shoes.
I personally love her hair. She has so much of it.


We love Keri because she’s so unpretentious and unassuming. A devoted mother of three, I also see myself in her. And yes she has bakya moments too, which I love.


Grace and I are trying to educate her in our colorful language of jogkanovitch, muralla, duty free, dakota fanning and all that and we love it when Keri gets it.


Also worth noting in this year’s best dressed are Anne Gonzalez of Havaianas who is simply pretty, full stop.


and fashion blogger Camille Co.


Last but not least is my other kamag-anak, Lucille Dizon, whose photos I wasn’t able to scan but appears in my cousin Candy’s blog right here.
Preview’s Best Dressed 2011 issue with Iza Calzado on the cover is out in magazine stands now.

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