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File this under #ChuvanessProblems

Since yesterday I’ve been problematic about a credit card bill that reflected a charge from Naumi Hotel in Singapore the amount of SG$ 941.60 or about Php 32,686 for a hotel stay that didn’t even occur last December 26, 2011.
Last December 26-30, my family and I stayed at the Quincy Hotel during the Christmas-New Year break and had a good time. But between Naumi and Quincy, I would have preferred to stay at Naumi.

Naumi Hotel

How did this happen?
I called of Shalini Silva at Naumi to ask about the bill. I would describe her telephone personality as stern (read: not friendly) as she said it was a no-show fee and instructed me to email them a complaint.
I went into my Gmail archives to look for a correspondence between myself and Shalini. The last correspondence I had was from me asking her to book the said hotel and giving her my credit card number.
After that, I don’t have any record of any response with a confirmation letter.
I emailed and waited.

A few hours later I received an email from Simon Tham at Naumi saying I will still be charged with a no-show fee, attaching a confirmation letter from the hotel which I was seeing only for the first time. My heart sank.
I asked for consideration. He later emailed that he would get back to me this week.
To be honest, I am such an OC traveler that I immediately print out all confirmation letters for hotels and plane tickets, put these in my travel case in the safe. I fill up everyone’s immigration forms, including arrival cards at the destination way in advance.
I also diligently check in early and reserve seats online because I am super OC about flying.
I don’t understand how this could’ve happened. No confirmation letter, I had no way of knowing I was booked. I ended up booking at the Quincy a month later—note that I received a confirmation letter from them.

That said, I’ve been stressed since Friday afternoon. Last night I ran so hard just to take the pain away from the thought of an electronic error that is costing me money. And now I can’t sleep.
I am hoping Mr. Peter Wong of Naumi Hotels would have a Google alert on his name and read this entry. I am begging for consideration on a refund, or at the very least a discount for the no-show fee.
I know Mr. Wong is a hands-on manager as I have seen him personally answer feedback on
If it doesn’t work, I’ll write to the Singapore Tourism Board for assistance.
Hoping I can get some sleep right now.

My reviews of Naumi Hotel: the bad one and the good one.

Jeroen and I at Naumi Hotel
Jeroen and I in Singapore, 2009

Naumi is such a beautiful hotel if you get the right room (not the one with open bathrooms). I really hope they can fix the problem so that I can come back in future.
Meanwhile I’m waiting for that dreaded email hoping they will make things right.
Will go to Mass tomorrow for help. Wish me luck!

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Christine Kwon

Hi CVS, i really like the shoes you are wearing in pic#2. Where did you get it? Thank you.



I’ve got the same problem. This time with, a hotel booking company. They are charging me a no show fee if I failed to cancel atleast 7 days prior to arrival. I made a booking 3 days prior to my expexted date of arrival. Unfortunately my wife made another booking directly to the hotel so I was forced to cancel my booking with AGODA. I made cancellation request to AGODA prior to my arrival and sent me a cancellation memo. But still they are charging me a fee. This was last December 19, 2011 and to date I haven’t got any… Read more »


if the email was not actually received there your be an SMTP or other errors just basing on my experience. but it it has not been received because it went to another folder …… i dont know ^^ just my thought



OMG ganun kamahal yang hotel na yan? 🙁



It is understandable that the hotel charges for a no show. What i do like to stress is that the hotel might have send the email, this does not mean automatically that the email has actually been received. It does happen that emails do not “make it” to the email address in question without being bounced back for reasons of full inbox or incorrect email etc… It just happened two weeks ago that our pepper lunch franchisor from Singapore send out an email with attachments to 3 of my people here in the Philippines including myself and this email was… Read more »


…on another note – it’s so not safe to send credit card details via email.



Wait, was the confirmation letter attached as a PDF? Or did they forward a copy of the original e-mail with the confirmation letter? If it’s the former, you should ask them to send the original e-mail. That way you can see the timestamps & see if they really sent it. If it’s a PDF, maybe they created it but forgot to send it. Do you check your SPAM folder regularly? It probably went there, if you do check it regularly you can argue that it never arrived & unless they provide proof that it was sent you can’t be held… Read more »