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File this under #ChuvanessProblems

Since yesterday I’ve been problematic about a credit card bill that reflected a charge from Naumi Hotel in Singapore the amount of SG$ 941.60 or about Php 32,686 for a hotel stay that didn’t even occur last December 26, 2011.
Last December 26-30, my family and I stayed at the Quincy Hotel during the Christmas-New Year break and had a good time. But between Naumi and Quincy, I would have preferred to stay at Naumi.

Naumi Hotel

How did this happen?
I called of Shalini Silva at Naumi to ask about the bill. I would describe her telephone personality as stern (read: not friendly) as she said it was a no-show fee and instructed me to email them a complaint.
I went into my Gmail archives to look for a correspondence between myself and Shalini. The last correspondence I had was from me asking her to book the said hotel and giving her my credit card number.
After that, I don’t have any record of any response with a confirmation letter.
I emailed and waited.

A few hours later I received an email from Simon Tham at Naumi saying I will still be charged with a no-show fee, attaching a confirmation letter from the hotel which I was seeing only for the first time. My heart sank.
I asked for consideration. He later emailed that he would get back to me this week.
To be honest, I am such an OC traveler that I immediately print out all confirmation letters for hotels and plane tickets, put these in my travel case in the safe. I fill up everyone’s immigration forms, including arrival cards at the destination way in advance.
I also diligently check in early and reserve seats online because I am super OC about flying.
I don’t understand how this could’ve happened. No confirmation letter, I had no way of knowing I was booked. I ended up booking at the Quincy a month later—note that I received a confirmation letter from them.

That said, I’ve been stressed since Friday afternoon. Last night I ran so hard just to take the pain away from the thought of an electronic error that is costing me money. And now I can’t sleep.
I am hoping Mr. Peter Wong of Naumi Hotels would have a Google alert on his name and read this entry. I am begging for consideration on a refund, or at the very least a discount for the no-show fee.
I know Mr. Wong is a hands-on manager as I have seen him personally answer feedback on
If it doesn’t work, I’ll write to the Singapore Tourism Board for assistance.
Hoping I can get some sleep right now.

My reviews of Naumi Hotel: the bad one and the good one.

Jeroen and I at Naumi Hotel
Jeroen and I in Singapore, 2009

Naumi is such a beautiful hotel if you get the right room (not the one with open bathrooms). I really hope they can fix the problem so that I can come back in future.
Meanwhile I’m waiting for that dreaded email hoping they will make things right.
Will go to Mass tomorrow for help. Wish me luck!

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