Simplifying, positivity, and the colour purple
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Jinky Amores is a family therapist with the gift of clairvoyance. Like Cole Sear in The Sixth Sense, she can see dead people and communicate with them, as well as with comatose patients, or children with special needs. Because she can scan your present health condition, some people call her “the human MRI.”
One of the simpler gifts she has is to read one’s aura.

Jinky Amores
She’s not scary: Jinky Amores at a get-together at Slice last week

I met Jinky a few months ago when I consulted her about an important decision. As a devout Catholic I was hesitant to go to her. I am deathly afraid of fortune tellers or manghuhula. “But Jinky is not a manghuhula,” my friend Patrice reassured me.
So we met Jinky at her consultation space in Makati, which is decorated with various Catholic objects, and began with a prayer. During my consultation she read my aura and gave me positive advice on my case. She also gave me a clean bill of health and told me what to avoid. You can an idea of what Jinky can do HERE.

Last week I saw Jinky for the second time when I was invited to preview a website she has launched with her friends, Kristin Ruth Zalameda, Julia Jatico, and Robert Madamba.
Kristin and Julia are friends that have been consulting Jinky for years. Both attest to how meeting her has changed their lives for the better. They believe that one can change his/her life by improving one’s state of mind as well as appearance. And it all starts with the aura.

Tweetie Gonzalez
Tweetie de Leon Gonzalez consults Jinky Amores

When Jinky reads your aura, she suggests a colour that will attract positive energy to your life.
They say what’s inside reflects on the outside. But I also believe that if you fix the outside, it can affect the inside.
For instance, when I don’t feel well, sometimes a pampering session at the salon can really make a difference. I force myself to shower, put on makeup, wear decent clothes and get a blowdry. Much better than just veging in bed in pajamas.

When you look good, you feel good and attract positivity.
This is the idea behind the Dress My Aura website, where for Php 599, you can upload your photo and have Jinky Amores read your aura. She will tell you your current state of mind and tell you what is your special colour.
A makeup artist will also suggest what makeup to apply, and a stylist will give wardrobe advice.
Results will be delivered via email within 48 hours.

L-R: Kristin Ruth Zalameda, Jinky Amores, Julia Jatico, Robert Madamba (I.T. expert)

During my meeting with Jinky, I was wearing my usual black and navy blue uniform. She told my to wear amethyst or a light colour purple for to enhance my spirituality. (How I wish she had told me to wear red or pink instead—two colours I approve, aside from my usual black and 50 shades of grey.)
So off I went to the mall and bought the Uniqlo body shaper and socks and the nail polish from Watsons. I also bought an amethyst-colorer Swatch, which I can wear with my black/grey/navy uniform.

lavender stuff

I sighed in relief as Jinky gave me another clean bill of health and a positive reply to an important question.
She also advised me to “simplify” and declutter my life from all forms of negativity.
To know more about the website, go to
If you would like to consult Jinky in a private session, you may contact her through the site.

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