Simple Girl vs. Preview Girl (Part One)
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If Hollywood has Avatar (highest grossing movie of all time at US$ 760,505,847), then Star Cinema x Viva Films have No Other Woman, highest grossing Tagalog movie of all time at Php 267 million (roughly US$ 6,260,257).
Now that it has made that much money, it won’t hurt if I give it an honest review, would it?

Last Saturday night, I dragged Grace and Jay to watch the movie everyone has seen (except us) and has left people either raving or wondering why people are raving about it. Naturally I wanted to know which category I would fall into.
Luckily, I am neither a friend nor hater of Anne Curtis so I can tell the truth (unlike all her Twitter friends who called it the best movie they have ever seen = sad).

Megamall is one of the last cinemas that is still screening the movie up to now. Got ourselves dropped off at the Bench/National Bookstore entrance, and saw something mind-boggling—someone was actually sleeping on bench right in front of Bench (coincidentally) which is right smack at the main entrance of the mall.

Sleeping in the mall

WTF is going on? This would never happen in Singapore. I remember when Ana and I were waiting for my mom and sister at Takashimaya, we briefly sat on the floor to wait. A guard immediately spotted us and told us we were not allowed to sit there. So this could never happen in Singapore.

Sleeping in the mall

The odd thing is, in another part of the mall, I saw another guy sleeping on the stairwell.
Was there a midnight sale I didn’t know about and these employees are simply exhausted or taking a break?
And who is that kid guarding the sleeping giant? Bizarro.

Sleeping in the mall

Anyway, moving along, we spotted Hayden’s cute picture in the mall.

Hayden at Megamall

Jay says it has the feel of Takeshi Kaneshiro for Biotherm Homme

Takeshi Kaneshiro

We proceeded to the box office where I lined up for tickets. That’s three tickets for Php 540 or Php 180 per person.
At Php 267,000,000 divided by Php 180 = that means more than 1,483,000 paid to watch the movie.
That’s almost the same number as Anne Curtis’s Twitter followers!!

(To be continued)

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