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“I want to travel for a living!” says my friend’s bio on Instagram.
My friend, Ginggay Joven de la Merced, started working as a teenager in her mom’s PR firm, Visions and Expressions.
We met in the late ’90s when she was working as a Philippine Star columnist.
Now in her 30s, Ginggay functions as a part-time consultant, full-time house manager, mom of two kids, and wife to Noel.

Ginggay dela Merced

Ginggay is one of those people I know who has itchy feet, always thinking of where to travel next.
And she doesn’t just go around Asia for shopping or hoarding objects. The Ginggay I know doesn’t even like shopping. She prefers collecting memories and images.

Ginggay is also one of the first people I know who ever got into Instagram and became obsessed with it.
Her first photo was posted 103 weeks ago. And she doesn’t post food, nail polish or selfies. Instead, she takes her followers on her trips around the world. I find it amazing what an iPhone can do!

scot 2


lake tahoe
Lake Tahoe


Stratford-upon-Avon, England
Stratford-upon-Avon, England

victoria aus
Victoria, Australia

I didn’t even know she had it in her to be a talented travel photographer.
Ginggay is truly one of those people I envy because of the way she travels—not that often, but more of quality—even choosing unique hotels online.
She also takes her Instagram account seriously, which is why I’m glad someone finally noticed!
Ginggay is nominated in Style Bible’s Virtual Style Awards.
I even took time to register just to vote for her, so please help me vote because she deserves the recognition!
You can vote for her ten times a day until September 15, 2013.

To vote for Ginggay, please click HERE and thank you in advance. 🙂

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