Scenes we’d like to see
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When I was a kid growing up in the ’70s, one of my joys was to read my brother’s MAD magazines.

MAD MAGAZINE 1978 Vintage Illustration BY JACK RICKARD Alfred E. Newman JOHN TRAVOLTA Saturday Night FeverMAD MAGAZINE 1977 CHARLIE'S ANGELS Kate Jackson JACLYN SMITH Farrah Fawcett VINTAGE ILLUSTRATION Alfred E. Newman by JACK RICKARD

Of course I had to wait for him to finish reading before I could get my hands on it.
One of the things I enjoyed in MAD was a page called Scenes We’d Like To See, such as this one:

MAD magazine

I know, how corny right? But I loved it as a child.
Now how about some scenes we’d like to see in real life, such as this vintage footage of Claudine Barretto slipping on ASAP Live

or better, this Dutch reporter’s TV interview gone wrong. Priceless!!

UPDATE: Apparently the whole thing was staged, says the Dutch Telegraaf. It’s a freaking hoax!

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